Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • di albert

i have the samsung galaxy s5 and it´s the best phyone that i ever hade, the only problem that i have with the phone is that it could get very hot if un charge the phone with even one application open, i mean i know that this kind of phone get´s hot very often, but OMG it´s incredible the hot that this phone can get.......

  • ijaz.ali

I am going to buy this phone next week...please some one tell me honestly should I buy it ? is it worth the money... ?I dnt like iphones so plz dnt suggest those....any 1 with honest reply please

  • AnonD-328972

i can't fine a galaxy s5 with 32gb intern memory ! in europe can someone help me, i t exist i'm not going crazy :)

  • Ace

AnonD-230994, 06 Feb 2014Nokia Lumia have a 41 mega pixel camera.And it is taken over by google

  • Anonymous

Wow best ever i used


Prashant, 07 Nov 2014They all are waste.hey what the hell are you saying ok n


Bara, 07 Nov 2014Is it possible to print an SMShey it isnt possible

  • k

ianik, 07 Nov 2014can anyone please tell me about any best battery booster availab... moreJuice defender from Google play.

  • Bara

Is it possible to print an SMS

  • Prashant

ianik, 07 Nov 2014can anyone please tell me about any best battery booster availab... moreThey all are waste.

  • abahkau

still using s2....still using the original battery....still can perform everyday internet task....and still da best phone ever built...and I'm very proud of it

  • kondak

there is a bigger battery of 32Mh which last quite longer. You can buy it from samsung themselves... and with it, it oupclasses iphone 5 from far.

  • ianik

can anyone please tell me about any best battery booster available from play store?

  • dragosm

About the Samsung Galaxy S5 I can say that is a good phone and in comparison with iphone it is almost like iphone 5S from the performance point of view .It offers good internet experience but it's biggest problem from my experience is tha battery that after a short time will died and have to be replaced .I got a cheap battery for Samsung Galaxy S5 from ,a mobile accessories website and now I got no more worries.

  • ijaz.ali

macky2green, 07 Nov 2014I have used the latest and greatest smartphones, tablets, and ph... morethanks for ur helpful i am planning to buy this phone next week...i love all the specs of ths phone

  • macky2green

I have used the latest and greatest smartphones, tablets, and phablets from Samsung in the last many years, with the Galaxy Note 3 being my latest (I still have it)... and now, I have my beloved Samsung Galaxy S5. I am so happy with this phone. I love all the features and apps/software Samsung put into this phone (plus a whole lot more you can download and install from both Google Play Store and Galaxy Apps Store), especially the IP67 dust and water resistance, fingerprint scanner, Ultra Power Saving Mode, Kids Mode, camera access from the lock screen, dual-shot camera feature, Multi Window, Toolbox, black and white/monochrome screen on Power Saving Mode, Private Mode, and a whole lot more...! =)

And just because I love it this much, I purchased an Otterbox Defender case for my S5 to make it real tough from the day I bought it. I bet this will stay with me for a very long time. ;)


  • Anonymous


  • Tin

I just love this Phone.. perfect specs..

  • Tebogo

Devices comes and go but these one for me is the best experience i have ever seen,I never thought i could buy such an expensive phone in my life but now i dont regret ever doing that if you dont have it you are loosing out big time these is really a lifetime experience for me.You want my advice buy it then you will see what im talking about.

  • garvpaul

Great features!! Battery works good.water lags .powerful processor. I will give 4.5 star.just a little bit large in size.