Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • dee noler

Hi same herr from.s3 to s5 got the best of the best.. good thig i skipped s4 not my type at all...

  • AnonD-267673

if samusng replace Display Super AMOLED with ips too best.i think this days mobile phone don't have key in mobile.and all control should be touch with screen disaplay.thank's

  • AnonD-267673

i think this days mobile phone don't have key in mobile.and all control should be touch with screen disaplay.

  • land mobile

hi.i think mobile phone shoud not have key.

  • Terry j.

mohd, 09 Nov 2014During the voice call if I open the speaker the other side ... moreThe phone has too many negatives for me to call it a "good" phone. Speakerphone is awful. Too many flaws. Going back to BlackBerry when CLASSIC is released.

  • Zimbo

Been using it for over a month. Best phone ever.

  • nick

I went to the Samsung store today, this phone was $599.99 unlocked of course, is it worth it?

  • S5

Best android experience! just pure high quality phone. Comes whit high price but its worth it. Changed from S3 to S5. Fast phone super amoled looks beautiful i feel like home when i use samsung phone. Its just fun to use,great in hand love it.

  • Bro

I bought the s5 in a August and I've had nothing but trouble with it. It's been send away for repair 3 times already and it's for internal faults. First something in the back was wrong, second the led screen was faulty (which should have been copped the first time) and it continously turns itself off mid operation and having to enter the pin multiple times a day is very annoying. Honestly if it wasn't so faulty it would be a great phone but I've just lost all respect for it and Samsung as they keep giving me back a faulty product.

  • kamalesh

Kailas, 09 Nov 2014I have been using this since the last three months. I wou... moreHey kailas which version of s5 do u have? I think only the octacore version has the heating issue. Plz ans

  • Anonymous

i have trouble with camera.The camera won't focus at all.Literally overnight it just decided to stop focusing I tried various camera apps and all of them had the focusing problem.I tryed a factory reset and nothing. please help

  • ash childo

The only good thing about this phone is I have the option to upgrade in a year. I'm on my second one, only because my carrier kept stating it was the most up to date phone available with large memory capacity, and my first was only a glitch. I only have 3 apps, and a few apps, and my space is limited. My current phone, just like the prior one, constantly freezes, locks me out, and randomly won't open anything. I would rather have my cracked and damaged LG over this any day.

  • traced

the best phone from samsung ib bought it from europe

  • AnonD-328045

i think HTC or Sony are still a better alternative..complete specs like fm radio, camera clicker which for me are very essential in a phone..i love samsung not only its specs before but also the interface but since they drop radio, i never take a second look at it anymore..

  • scarlett

yes !!!!!, 10 Nov 2014scarlet this phone is amazing...... it´s the best pho... morethank you for ur response..i will buy next week...i hope i will like the phone

  • Anonymous

They just made S4 into thicker, bulker and uglier.

In that case S4 black leather edition hands up instead of grand 2 look alike S5 :/

  • AppletoSam

Hello, im buying a phone this week and my options are Galaxy S5 Quadcore or Note4 Snapdragon. which is better?

  • AnonD-329514

Dear Support team
Kindly advise with best solution for below technical problem
i have Samsung galaxy S5 , Model No. SM-G900F
it is perfect phone but unfortunately the mobile data network isn't working
place of use : Egypt
pleas advise why i open network as 3G

your fast response is highly appreciated

Presales Security system Engineer
Engy Boles

  • Anonymous

how'bout an update Samsung? :-|

  • AnonD-85270

It's a great phone...
I own it for about 5months...
The battery life, performance everything is awesome....