Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

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  • AnonD-6569

...Just Awesome. Whoever thinks it's an overrated device, had better be honest with themselves first. Tha bomb!!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Is the Z2 software as smooth as they say ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-205517, 31 May 2014simply they can't accept the "FACT" LG is doing v... moreLG G2 G3 have HOME buttons ON SCREEN - reducing the actual usabale screen size ..SAMSUNG has home bottons on bezel giving true screen sizes ..
in dark- you cannot reach for HOME BUTTON on LG .. compare and contrast LG and samsung -full check list ..thats why SAMSUNG S4 S5 OUTSELLS LG by millions ..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-205517, 31 May 2014simply they can't accept the "FACT" LG is doing v... moreLG g2 handset sales POOR internationally compared to samsung s4.. LG g3 new very poor compared to s5 .. why ?
answer==customers informed choices .. most important -LG has scant nonexistent after sales services in most countries .. question is not LG or samsung or htc ..

  • Anonymous

friend got it inspite of having 16MP cant beat 12MP fitted on Nokia N8..need to work on camera for s6.

  • walter48

This guy sam67 is as very great guy and not a lair, i have personally met him he really has s5 and z2 and he helped me very much. you should talk to him if you have queries

  • AnonD-267936

Sorry guyz I had a big misunderstanding
In the previous opinion i had post tht z2 is better than s5 but it is certainly not
I believe tht z2 has better camera, ram but the problem starts after 1 month of usage, z2's performance is freaking me out some time it freezes sometimes I can't pick up the call I received and it gets heated it turns off automatically. :( totally disappointed and I also have s5 which do not go off like z2

  • AnonD-267936

Hii guyz
If you are confused about buying a new phone then her's the solution
1. If you want cooler ui and uncommon sensors like fingerprint sensor and heart rate go for s5 but let me tell u that this phone has no way for clearing up ram and has a bit lower ram I.e 2gb but the best part is it does not gets hot quickly and is quite amazing

  • AnonD-205517

Shenoy , 31 May 2014Best phonesimply they can't accept the "FACT" LG is doing very well in Smartphone Industry!

#3 smartphone maker
#3 overall phones company interms of amount of sales.



  • a4

Anonymous, 30 May 2014I meant scratch change and stop it please

  • Shenoy

Best phone

AnonD-205770, 30 May 2014I don't know, what is the difference between metal coated a... morebut " looking like metal finish" and having metal finish are way different. And the g3 looks like metal finish.

It's the same as saying note 3 was made of leather. Note 3 looks like leather but isn't

  • Robot286

Anonymous, 30 May 2014Second video on the page . Video with the girl. I really do... moreAgreed.

  • Robot286

Anonymous, 30 May 2014No thank you for the nice words . CheersMy pleasure.

  • AnonD-227534

I cant see the difference between uhd and full hd video

  • Hghhj

Tcool, 26 May 2014Install Clean Master app and enjoy.Great phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 May 2014G 3 isn't metal. It's a scratch prone , anti fingerprint texture.I meant scratch resistant.

  • Anonymous

Fruitcake, 30 May 2014Now Lg G3 as finally Announced,will Samsung finally announc... moreG 3 isn't metal. It's a scratch prone , anti fingerprint texture.

  • Anonymous

Robot286, 30 May 2014I agree. Everything you said is actually true. As I said be... moreNo thank you for the nice words . Cheers

  • Anonymous

Tcool, 30 May 2014I would appreciate if you can give the link. Otherwise, y... moreSecond video on the page . Video with the girl. I really don't want to have these kind of talks but you are way to biased on your favorite brand. And people shouldn't be insulted for owning a brand or disliking a brand.