Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • higa

AH, 13 Jan 2009Hi. I got my Omnia last week. I can log on to the internet witho... moretry using opera for facebook n the like

  • Jamdown Yute

how do you set a password on your text messages or any file for that matter?

  • Anonymous

Hi Loving my Samsung Omnia but strugglimg to access my memry card and also to transfer items from my documenrs to my memory card anyone who can help - it will be highly appreciated.

  • AH

Hi. I got my Omnia last week. I can log on to the internet without problems, however when i get to website that requires me to log in with a password (facebook, standardbank internet banking, etc), the phone does not allow me to. I called Vodacom and Samsung and despite checking the internet settings I still cannot log into those sites. Anyone have similar issues and figured out how to get pass it?

  • Anonymous

To turn off 3G: go to settings -> connections -> HSDPA and turn it off!

I have been using this phone for 4 months now and I'm really happy with it. The only thing that's a little disappointing is the MP3 player. I'm experiencing problems with picking a song because scrolling doesn't work so well. The headset is too small for my ears so I had to buy another one. And the volume is too low.

But further more a great phone!

  • yue

why is it that i cannot connect to the internet? there is no specific settings for local mobile network

  • Jason De Souza

Sigh.... my experience on this Omnia is kinda disappointing. Found Samsung Ads so good and make me give up my reliable Nokia Navigator but end up "pull hair".

What i experience on this 16GB Omnia is the same as few of my colleagues. 1) Internmitently it will just blank off and hang despite you try to "wake" it up by pressing keys. Need to reset or remove and reinsert battery b4 it can work again. So sickening as at times you wont know its dead unless u check it as it wont have any symptoms at all. Worst of all, sent to Samsung and their tech say No fault found!

  • Yen King

I just loved the phone, it's given to me as a gift from my boyfriend. It's been almost a year of using this and quite stable. Features are good. But one thing not good is experiencing the blank display while being able to hear the background sound. But im still okay with it. Still bearable. Design & performance wise, i love it!

  • Hellraiser

hello, hey but the omnia have just 240x400 pixels on the display, please tell me someone is it quality display god, please help

  • player23

hey guys....can anyone put any link for a good game for omnia...........or is there cool softwares like the ones i phone has.........

  • Shou Ji

Samsung Omnia has won "The Best Design and Engineering Award" at the 2009 International CES.

  • Jacques

I love the phone. Love the Design, Performance and Features. One thing I do not like is the chrome edge, because it scratches very easily. I love my Omnia, but hate the scratches.

  • De Villiers

Is there anyway of turning of 3G?

  • Anonymous

All new smart phones must come with Dual SIM capibility from now onwards if they want to succeed.

  • Anonymous

Is the touch screen for this easy 2 use and is the touch screen as easy to use as d iphone? Why is the iphone mre expensiv, wich is beta????? HELP!

  • kevin

Omnia calculator

100-10%= 0.9
110-10%= 1
120-10%= 1.1

Rom: HJ2

use WM calculator


  • Slail, JK

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2009Hi ppl, Im thinking of buying Omnia, so please can someone advi... moreTo close an open application or all open applications:
1. Press Start
2. SelLect Program
3. Sellect Task Manager
4. Use the left key to End Task (one by one)
5. To Close all open applications at once, Sellect Menu and End All Tasks.

  • Anonymous

kevin, 11 Jan 2009ok, where can i download samsung modem driver?dont believe samsung have it on their website anymore, which is a bit odd as you need it to upgrade. but you can download it at modaco, i cannot provide the link as i cannot access the site from where i am. but search google for modaco, omnia, then search modaco for samsung modem driver.

  • lorangge

just buy it... more better than HTC.high performance and availabillity.

  • kevin

ok, where can i download samsung modem driver?