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Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • pars

andy, 19 Nov 2008anyone know how to set the message tonemain menu/settings/sounds notifications/notifications­/event/massaging:new­ text massage

  • pars

andy, 19 Nov 2008anyone know how to set the message tone main menu/settings/sounds¬ifications/notifications­/event/massaging:new text massage

  • Lu

andy, 19 Nov 2008anyone know how to set the message toneHi Andy
All you need to do is :
Click Start, Go to settings, Then to Sound & Notifications. Click on the Notifications tab. Where you see Event, click the drop down and select : Messaging : New text message. Then you click the Alarm type. Then once selected just click ok.

  • Gingerbread

Would anyone please advise how to switch to a larger QWERTY keyboard for text input? Thanks :)

  • craigy29

Hi Guys,

Thanks for telling me that Samsung ddin't install GPS program onto the Optus release of the Samsung Omnia.

I've had this mobile now for two weeks and I must say the phone offers everything ( hense why they called it Omnia ) it's a nioce looking phone and it's small and slim.

However after two weeks use, I've decided the omnia isn't for me. I'm finding that you really need the stylis to use the touch screen to navigate, as it's not as sensitive like the iphone, also using your fingers is hard and it doesn't seem to always press the button your wanting to access on the screen. I find using a stylis skows your typing downand how quick i navigate around the mobile.

I think it's a pitty that mobile phone companies don't let you try before you buy lol.

Over all boys and girls, a great mobile but not for me and my patience, as I don't have any lol.



  • lol

can somebody tell me how can i find where are the files storing that were sent via bluetooth!!!!????

  • nick

Guest, 19 Nov 2008Hi bros and sisters, I am using N95 8GB, and going to change ... moreyou mean symbian or windows mobile?

well if you want to use windows mobile i PERSONALLY would opt for the htc touch HD, otherwise i think the innov8 is the best symbian handset currently available.

  • Anonymous

biggie, 19 Nov 2008 Hey guys just bought the omnia and am loving it! my only probl... moreI had a problem with Vodafones find and go. Presuming yours is roughly the the cab file from vodafone and install it on your phone. Access the GPS from the programs tab in the today screen and NOT directly from the today menu itself otherwise you simply download the cab file again. Once the program has launched you should be able to lock on to satellites and get a fix pretty quickly and then select you destination and mode of transport and Roberts your fathers' brother.

  • NESS

Hi to Evryone,

Is there anyone who already have Samsung OMNIA, so can you explain more about bettery life of OMNIA, Because there are so many dilemas about Samsung OMNIA battery life, so please if there is anyone who already uses this phone to explain about it.

Thanks a lot :)

  • biggie

Hey guys just bought the omnia and am loving it! my only problem is the gps i have the vodafone version here in australia i have been told u can just download the maps and put them on the memory card. i did that and well i dont even know how to start up the gps.

any adice would be greatly appreciated

  • Guest

Hi bros and sisters,

I am using N95 8GB, and going to change it, There are two options: Samsung i900 Omnia and INNOV8.

Which one do you advice me to buy and why?

Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you!

  • andy

anyone know how to set the message tone

  • anon

craigy29, 16 Nov 2008Hi Boys & Girls, Question. I know that Samsung Omnia has ... moreSamsung did not install GPS on the phones given to Optus. So if you want the maps etc, its going to cost you about $280 to buy the software from Samsung. Kind of sucks!


wat abt da graphics?

  • Macho

I just got my Omnia 3 days ago. Whenever screen in standby, my Motion sensor becomes not working. In order to work again, I need to restart the phone.

Any resolutions? Thank you

  • Scott

Does this have push email capabilities??

  • ron

i love mine but it goes to sleep about once or twice a day and i can only wake it by pulling the battery.
i have the settings so as to wake by tapping screen but it doesnt work.anyone know of a fix

  • s89ms

Can this phone write with it stylus pen normally during write message without using keyboard? can anyone help my question please, thank you..

  • NESS

nick, 18 Nov 2008both are good phones right, but the HTC touch HD screen is far f... moreThnx so much Nick!

Yeah u are right, HTC Touch HD is far better in screen, both in resolution and in size.

The only thing what does Omnia is better against Touch HD it is I think it has 16 GB Internal memory and also you can use your Micro SD card, so I think this is one advantage of Omnia, but anyway also in Touch HD you can use 8 GB Micro SD which already comes with phone inside a pocket, so this is cool!

Today I have visited one mobile store and asked about the price of Omnia in my state, and it was 420 Euro, but I don't know about Touch HD, and I think most probably it must be more expensive than the Omnia, just because of Screen and some other fancy stuffs! :)

Again thnaks so much Nick :)

Best Wishes.

  • nick

NESS, 18 Nov 2008Hi to Everyone, I have a Nokia N95, and I think that it's the... moreboth are good phones right, but the HTC touch HD screen is far far better. 800x480 pixels or 400x240?

3.8 inches or 3.2?

also the HTC is just as capable on the hardware front (however does pack some video acceleration) and is a more attractive phone!