Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303

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  • Anonymous

I had this piece of garbage for 1 week. It might be ok if you only have a 7 digit # but you are only allowed 9 digits on the screen How would you like $#@ %$# 213-NOT!

  • Anonymous

i must say for something that is this cheap its worth more to have it

  • Anonymous

I hate this phone. I've spent a week with it and can't wait to exchange it for something better. Stupid keypad and I dare you to quickly send a text that includes numbers. I will be marching back to the store and getting a Samsung.

  • Anonymous

The best everyday phone!

  • kerrt

dus it av video?????

  • Anonymous

wow could a mobile phone get any smaler than this cos if u wanna see a brick phone i suggest u google motorola dynatec.

  • MissKai

Just brought this phone. Good looking features especially the mirroe considering the price of it. Unfortunately no external memory which made it a big disadvantage and its pretty slow. Camera not very good either, dull photos. Also can't catch much network with it, keeps going off. Recommend to those who just want to use it for texting and calling and have the patience to keep resending texts.

  • dennis

ashely, 05 Jul 2009would you recommend buying a sony ericsson t 303 phone?????hey i like it 4 my small brother!!! LOL, well was that the answer you where looking for?

  • raj

phone is soo cute and looks beautiful but 1 disadvantage is,no external memory option if tat adds to dis phone nothing can beat dis phone in sony models.tats y i dnt recommend dis foneeeeee........but i hav it nw...hehehe

  • ashely

Anonymous, 19 May 2009I purchased this phone today. Yes it would be fab if it had a me... morewould you recommend buying a sony ericsson t 303 phone?????

  • Anonymous

Candice, 29 Jun 2009I have this phone for 3 days now-bought it co'z it was the cheap... moresend youre phone to me :))) i love this phone

  • mark

Does anyone know how to record an answerphone message on the T303?

  • Candice

I have this phone for 3 days now-bought it co'z it was the cheapest as iIm only due for an upgrade next year
I just LOVE THe small size of this phone.
the ringing is rather very low so I had to play around with the volume and noticed with song that is rather loud u can actaully hear the phone when it rings
This phone is just PERFECT For people that is not into the fancy and latest functions
I must say that its very economical and user friendly.

  • Sharif

I would rather say, a house with nice exterior and shit interior.

I love Sony-Ericsson hand sets, but this set's attributes really dissapointed me.

My request to the production team will be, improve the internal accessories, improve the capacity, and change the model number, this set will be a popular one.

Sharif H. Nazmuddin
Cell: +880 16 747 909 12

  • Anonymous

hi there i have a question,i have a icon of the voice mail icon at the top of my screen on my phone and i dont know what it means or how to get rid of it,also my answering machine dont come on when anyone rings to leave a message it just keeps ringing im stumped help please julie xxx

  • peaches

pretty small and cute, but wats up with the litte storage? no sence having music player or feature of recording off di radio. also di speaker volume is very very low!!

  • Anonymous

GAWD... This mobile sucks big time! It's a low-end phone and i think it should be crated another classification noum for this type of phone (junk-end phone perhaps?) Bought one in 2009 for 84,00, sold it a couple of weeks later and bought a w300i only for 69,00 and it's much better, by far! Love SE but T303 has no logic... no card slot, and 1.3 MP camera when the phone only has 8MB internal? and the performance? slow slow slow... jesus... The only thing nice about this phone is the design and the fact that the back cover is made of steel, the rest just sucks. Avoid at ALL cost! :|

  • Hawk

My old w810i finally packed in after 3 years. Yeah the mp3 player was great (I had a 2gb stick) but all I really used it for was Calls/Texts/Alarm. Just bought the t303 at the weekend for 22.00 on PAYG (40 less the 18 I got for my knackerd one) and I have a sealed simcard with 10 credit to sell on (I'm on contract but turned down 2 upgrades to reduce my tariff from 45 to 15 a month)
Yeah its not a great phone but it does the job and I cant abide these all singing all dancing models that are like a brick in your pocket.
Reception and Volume (ringing and in call) aren't great, Keypads a little small (the cancel button especially is awkward for texting). Other than that good little phone.
If you want a camera fone don't bother with this ... it sux.

  • biddy man

ok the battery life is great but the fone it self is totall crap . iv been using dis phone for a couple of months well unfortunately it fell in da sea while i was going home..da camera is not dat bad tho doesnt support any themes & i would advise ppl to buy another phone apart from this phone ...the key pad is so small and its so annoying when writing a text ..

  • Anonymous

I have been so disappointed with this phone. I have loved previous Sony Ericsson phones but this is poor