Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303

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  • -min-

why you feel this mobile phone is the worst?

  • manuel

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2009This phone is excellent for practical and busy people... I ... moredo you know how can it tell me, the sms alert, when stand by (black screen ) thanks

  • Boby

I bought it for fun only he eh

  • BiggBOZZ of SE

Not Bad but it's look soo cute n super small phone. My sister heve it. She feel lucky with T303.

  • cherry

worst mobile in sony brands

  • ron

its an ugly phone. i adore SE but this phone makes me puke. stupid functions, ugly look. only brainless zombie will love this phone. 1.3mp camera is so 3 years ago.

  • berber

I am looking for a small phone , but after checking this one I wondered what made SE to deliver such poor device .
Its nice , small , handy , schik but :
1 - poor ringing volume
2 - very poor speakerphone volume
3 - no phone numbers on sim and phone simultaniously
4 - mp3 option with 8 mb and no card slot ?
5 - mp3 rings limited to 150 kb file
6 - what is the use of recording from radio if you
have only 8 mb (max) storage ?
Even for low end device it does not make sence .
I assume that if they upgrade the first 3 major
failures , even removing the poor camera ,
they could make better sales for basic phone users
who does not look after useless characteristics .

  • Anonymous

This phone is excellent for practical and busy people... I have it for three months now without any problem.

  • raydar

what can i say it's small but......128x160....pritty small....better leave it

  • reachel

i had this i now have the lg cookie

  • Anne

I have one in pink and I absolutely love the finish. The size is so cute, just fits in the smallest of purses. A phone suitable for anyone who didn't do much with their phones, aside from call and SMS. But it does come with a decent 1.3mp camera too!!

  • Anonymous

this is a cool phone,!!!!! i love it..

  • Anonymous

the wap has a problem loading on most of them.if u do sales on them, customer's are sure to cum back with queries.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2009how do you get onto the camera album? i have taken pictures... moreu go to organiser on your menu u will get tit there it says cam pictures

  • Diane

The buttons are too small and your fingers just slide off them. The sound is laughable,The usage is terrible,Storage none exsistance, Ericsson way of making up for cheapness is getting you to buy a S/D card that crashes all the time.
I wouldn't give this phone to my child in case he doesn't break it.

  • williams

well, i just bought this phone on ebay, its unlocked phone to any network or sim card, but when i inset O2 simcard in its says contact simcard provider....i wonder what its means because i was told by the seller that it was unlocked to any network....Can anyone tell me what its means?

  • Mavrick

Anyone that buys this phone for any other use than as a weopon is a stark raving lunar tick. I threw mine against a wall three times, and it still works, other than the weopon side, this phone sucks !!!!

  • John Brandy

nice one and I like to buy one but procedures prevent me from doing it.Yet,I don't know about its price

  • Anonymous

how do you get onto the camera album? i have taken pictures but i can't find them now?

  • Anonymous

Won, 25 May 2009This phone sucks.. I had it for about a month only. It was... morethat was a good job you done