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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Annon

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2009Sony Xperia is here ruling the markets.The hardware is simply to... moreWe are right with most of the things, however, one BIG mistake! This is not a SE device but a HTC one. Not even the 'phisical' branding is done by SE! They merely supply the software to HTc to 'burn in' just before delivery. I still remember when this phone got announced, this very same forum (GSM Arena), was not sure where the X1 belongs. Eventually the consensus was to publish it under the SE heading because SE do the marketing. I hope this helps to clarify the issue. Of course, some people feel that is wrong. This been a mostly technical forum, the X1 should have been published under the manufacturer's heading (HTC). Eitherway, this is the first and last device of its kind. Neither HTc nor SE is interested in a 'sequal'.

  • mobilefreko

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2009X1: lousy reception poor camera slow processor buggy ... moreFirst thing first, please spread all these wrong impressions abt the ph, since i can bet ur nt using one.... the mobile shop or person who sold you the ph must have sold a duplicate one, it cannt b original SE X1. the battery is really good, gives roughly 6-7 hrs, if used heavily otherwise will last a two days without any problem. Secondly, wi-fi, bluetooth is gr8... yes gps is a bit slow i do agree but still manageable... definitly does nt comes with a crack case, full metal body.. so buddy please go get a original SE X1 and then u will know the difference...

  • Anonymous

Why do people harp on about Blackberry? Blackberry server is not all that.....

Whereas for pushmail, you uses any server, can configure a few e-mail accounts...

My IT dept refuses BB as they don't trust BB servers, they only want us to use push mail, as they feel our own servers are secured.

Windows Pushmail is now preferred by IT dept, because you don't need additional infrastructure just to enable pushmail.

  • Anonymous

Xperia X1 can take advantage of push email. You can receive emails on a regular basis whilst out and about just like a Blackberry would.­for=Xperia If you don't wish to support the developers

  • Anonymous

Sony Xperia is here ruling the markets.The hardware is simply top notch. Its a decent weight, not too heavy, and feels remarkably thin for all the power theyve got under the hood. Sony Ericsson also made a good decision by making this phone not feel too wide. Overall this phone has one of the best hardware and is one of the best Windows Mobile devices.

A fun feature of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is the navigation cross, with a central button that doubles as a touchpad. Its not entirely to our liking since a mouse pointer is nowhere to be found on-screen, a feature better implemented in, for instance, the Samsung I780 earlier this year.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA is a beautiful and powerful device. The fact that its made by HTC, means youll have a dedicated team of developers over at to come up with a lot of goodies and cooked ROM for this device that would further enhance its features. For those whore torn between buying the Xperia or the HTC Touch Pro, I would suggest that if youre going for the complete package, Id vote in favor of the Xperia

  • Anonymous

Paul (birmingham), 12 Feb 2009This is a good function packed phone. But does anyone know why t... moreyes there is a soultution. go to this website and download "the fix"­ooth-problems/
p.s. SE RULE

  • Ray UK

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2009can anyone tell me where i can get a good AIM client for the x1There are many messenger clients for Winmo, supporting not just AIM, but other IM services too like Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, etc.

I use Beejive, eBuddy and Fring. All are free. Also available are paid ones like IM+ and Agile Messenger.

Ray UK

  • Ray UK

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2009Can this phone receive e-mails via a blackberry server?You already have some replies on your post regarding email via blackberry server on the X1.

I have personally not had a Blackberry before and have not tried getting my emails pushed to my previous device (SE P1i). But thought of trying it on my X1.

There are two ways. One is using Windows Live and a hotmail email account. Tried that and it works. And it's free. Check this:

If you want to get any of your other email account pushed, u'd need a server to do that (eg Seven). And this kinda service is not usually free. But I have found one which works and I think it's free for now. It's called Emansio. Configured that with my gmail and it works great. Check this video:

Although I personally think push email is a little overrated 'coz one can easily have their email client poll for new email every 5 mins, but still it's cool to receive an email on yr mobile within seconds of it being sent, much like an sms.

Hope this helps.
Ray UK

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970No you didn't, and your hiding behind a proxy server.Con Con Con

  • Paul (birmingham)

This is a good function packed phone. But does anyone know why the blu tooth does not work properly. Sony Ericsson admit a problem exists but no solution so far does any one out there know any better?

  • Ray UK

HS, 12 Feb 2009I red somewhere that the xperia can take up to 32gb micro SDHC cardsHS, I think, in principle, you can use a microSD card upto 32gb, that's because it'll still be SDHC (as per Wikipedia).

But as of today, can you buy a 32gb microSD?

  • Stphnie

Xperia in silver looks so much better.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Feb 2009Can this phone receive e-mails via a blackberry server?is it a BlackBerry?

But you can receive mail on this phone. I have the Xperia myself, and I use it all the time!

  • HS

I red somewhere that the xperia can take up to 32gb micro SDHC cards

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me where i can get a good AIM client for the x1

  • dr shoaib

I wanted to ask abt the option where you feed the message center number as i cannot send msgs please telll as iam in great need

  • Anonymous

BlackBerry email No thats acording to O2 in the uk.

  • budo montenegro

i have xperia and also hawe mini sd card with 8 gb.

  • Diego

ahmed, 12 Feb 2009can anyone tell me plz up to how many GB can x1 have a memory card??Up to 16 gb in micro SD

  • Anonymous

Can this phone receive e-mails via a blackberry server?