Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • wu chieng

i slept wth X1 last nite beleive me dis baby rocks!!!

  • Anonymous

Adiel, you are just a sales representative!

You have absolutely no credibility!

Do you really think that your psychological assessment counts? You are uneducated(?) or educated?

If you are educated in any subject let us know.

Tell us what you are good at beside talking trash.

Probably, it is not your fault (poor family, horrible samples in the family etc.) but you should hold yourself .... forget it.

Do what you need to do ... you are hopeless.

  • lewis

ant, 19 May 2008finally the xperia supports the 1700 3G band cant wait to try t... moreDid you ever get the xperia x1? With T-mobil?
and did it work on there 3G network.

  • Adiel

Why are people waiting for Gsmarena review??There are LOTS of reviews and in every review X1 stands out as the best right now.
What more do you need?

Great Battery Time(Much better than all WM mobiles right now)

Best Resolution(Much better than Nokia so-called 16m color screen)

Great Reception(Crystal Clear)

Fantastic Design

Responsive Touchscreen

Fast Processor(multitasking is great)

Great Camera(Unless you are a professional Photographer..but is there ANY professional photographer who uses his mobile to take pictures even if its 8 MP??)

Great Multimedia

Splendid Video

Plenty of RAM

What else do you need??just google it and see for yourself how great this set is. Even die hard nokia fans are turning towards it, Two of my hardcore nokia fan friends are planning to buy this set, they say that they have never seen such a beautifull screen ever in a nokia set. And every single person that have seen this mobile was mesmerized by this beauty, only d-m-b-o-s and noobs don't like it, like the two lunatics here who are so pathet*c that even when they can't buy anything than nokia 3310 but still keep coming here to post bullsh*t about the set even when they have never seen a real Xperia.
So stop wasting your time and just go for it, you will not be disappointed, even if you have never used a WM device,once you get used to it you will love it.

Xperia is the BEST!!!!

  • Janazz

my prevouis comment:
I have Garmin Mobile on mine with the latest WM is installed on my memory card and works perfectly and launched directly from the programs thanks to the latest WM update

SOrry i meant the GArmin Windows mobile update not the update of the 6.1......Garmin has issued a new update for Windows Mobile phone..

  • Thor

Arlen, 18 Dec 2008please say me which better, Nokia E90 OR Sony Ericsson X1.I want... morewell i have E90 and i can tell ypu that as far as typing it is better than X1, but it is bigger than X1, so it look less like phone, to tell you the truth, i would buy X1 if i were buying right now, cause this E90 is realy simple too big, and i like windows mobile hpone more, but i will not chacge cause E90 is also good.

  • Anonymous

I bought X1 a week ago.
It was slow until I installed "spb mobile shell".
For some reason the speed is a lot better now.
I am not sure if this was influential but this is the case now!!

  • Anonymous

Can anyone tell me if the Xperia has the bluetooth remote control feature that allows you to connect to your pc as many other SE phones usually do. Thanks

  • t

ysty i went for demo unit in Sonystyle,jurong point in singapore, test for abt 13 minutes...

-the OS just too slow to to menu need wait for 3-5 seconds to fully display.

-u cant expect the sound/music quality as K/W series.

-it's great for "cool interface" and "design" but
i giveup by the speed after sum times...

is it practical to get the window95 speed for bisness usage? u better try it out b4 buying..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2008unfortunately NOT! But, the BIG question is: Who is gonna ma... moreHow are you, "mstl" ? You really love this phone, huh ?

  • A Lost Soul needs ad

I have a samsung 880... nice phone.
But i want a new one with good features and WLAN!(wireless LAN a must).

i dont really need dual sim so i am considering the following:

1) Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
2) Samsung Ominia
3) HTC Touch Pro
4) Eten Glofish dx900
5) By looking at the specs, What would you Recommend?

Thanks Guys.
A Lost Soul :(


  • Arlen

please say me which better, Nokia E90 OR Sony Ericsson X1.I want choose one to buy.thanks for your help.

  • sabhya

sammer, 18 Dec 2008kindly need help for which color is suitable , black or silver . tanxsilver

  • Dani

Shou Ji, 18 Dec 2008 Sony Ericsson 1st Touchscreen Walkman with DSP - 3" OLED To... moreAwesome!!!

X1 is the best still..

  • Thor

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2008Some people wants to see more colors some more resolution :)) D... morewell being not able to see the whole web page at once on the screen is the reason i am not switching to X1, as i have Nokia E90, 1.5 years old, but still the only phone on whole planet! That can see the whole width of the webpage, for example right now that i am typing this post from my mobile phone:) why are SE, Nokia and HTC so incapable and can't even beat a 1.5 years odl phone!!!! I want 4" wide screen or am am stying with this one forever.

  • Anonymous

hamed, 18 Dec 2008where is tv? where is DVB-H?unfortunately NOT!

But, the BIG question is:
Who is gonna make it?

If it is HTC again we can be sure it will be another failure (like X1)!

HTC will not make reliable and better model for SE than their own HD.

The second question:
Whether SE fixed all the problems (design)?

Third question:
What is gonna be the OS?

WM is out for a while: it is too buggy for an excellent product.

Google or Unix (or Symbian) can be a reasonable choice.

Apple probably not a possibility :)

  • hamed

where is tv?
where is DVB-H?

  • sammer

kindly need help for which color is suitable , black or silver .

  • Anonymous

Shou Ji, 18 Dec 2008 Sony Ericsson 1st Touchscreen Walkman with DSP - 3" OLED To... morethats a great news just hope it will run in the same OS as Iphone

  • Shou Ji

Sony Ericsson 1st Touchscreen Walkman with DSP

- 3" OLED Touchscreen WVGA(800x480 pixel)
- 16/32GB internal memory
- WiFi
- YouTUBE access support
- Audio Podcast and Video feeds
- Audio support : mp3, wma, aac, pcm
- Video support : avc(h.264), mp4, wmv
- S-Master Digital Amplifier + Digital Noise Canceling
- FM Radio
- Full HTML Browser
- Launched : CES 2009