Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

no Xenon Flash

  • Anonymous

I see the dimwits still don't understand that the resoluton is the key to having a great display.N73 like all other n-series phones uses QVGA resolution,in other words the screen on XPERIA is FOUR Yes FOUR times better.

  • derrick

It should be microSD. I'm using an 8GB microSD on my SE K850i, which is technically "dual format" and can use M2 as well. I'm guessing Sony Ericsson will either go dual format, or stick with microSD as a single format on the Xperia, if only to stay competitive.

  • M@j

For the love of god, 65k screen?? 65k????? guys...cmon man... this is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

The screen is 65k, because Windows Mobile doesn't support more colours.

  • Gaurav

Xperia is killer windows phone. 500mhz proccesor in it. Great design. Supports power point, word, excel, windows media playr-11,

  • Gaurav

Xperia is killer windows phone. 500mhz proccesor in it. Great design

  • whitelighter

luv it... been waiting for SE to come up with this kind ( WM OS )of phone... just hope it will be out in the market soon b4 any brand come up with their own version

  • kony_eus_texas

Just 65k color display... it should be 256k+

  • P1i just died

the design rocks. but my friend pointed out that the screen is colours only 65k.. why??????? if not for that it'll be perfect

  • Aurangzeb

Wow! wat a cool phone to imagine about... i guess oneday it would be mine.

  • .::Next_Level::.

What ??? LoL!! N*gga What ???

The N73 can beat XPERIA???

Although the crappy N73 has 256K colors the display SUCKS!! The pixels are visible from 45cm away!!

And the XPERIA with 65K provides DVD quality! Thats how SE put it down!!

Also the XPERIA has much much better CPU than the N73! Ooh! And about the camera... don't forget that its a business phone...

And wait fo' tha U500 platform which supports FSAA 4x and 3 core CPU...


  • homermc

it looks nice but what kind of processor is in ther cause thats somting inportant i need to know before i wil by a phone it is a good thing that sony came whit a windows mobile divice but i think this is a little late compared to some other brands but iam still a soe fan good work soe

  • yuksel

There is 8GB microSD for 30 on the market. there will be 16GB after few month.

  • riz

hmmm only 64K screen colours?All other features look exciting but are we going backwards screen-wise...?

  • Anonymous

i think a lot of people around here is either jealous or envious...and they can't even breath...haayy, just look at that beauty

  • boyboy

AFAIK Windows Mobile only support not more than 65k TFT color

  • Anonymous

65k colour with 800*480 resolution for this phone???
off course that's enought...
only poor boy said that 16 million colour screen is always the best!!! nokia fans are junk...

  • Anonymous

I was expecting 16M Display from SE for new products. Boring...