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  • Jordan

Hi. Actually i already updated my Xperia Acro S into Jelly bean and it's very amazing. I realy like this Phone compare to other. With its external 32gb capacity feature, i can have so many HD movies in this phone

  • shihoudani soujiro

hi fellow xperia users (and some who aren't)...

i just bought my Brand New SONY Xperia Acro S ('coz the Xperia S was out of stock, and at 40% off, i might add)... and guess what?

i loved it...

I had a choice of either black or white. the black one has a sort of rubber finish feel at the back and the white one's plain matte plastic, and i got the white one ('coz i feel it'd look better and feel better, clearly a preference, and btw, they also have a pink one).

i like the fact that it has a dock, better than those who don't include one... oh, and the NFC tags as well, extending the experience of the mobile/wireless world. HDMI's supported but the cable's not included (it's no big deal, really).

when i first used the interface, i was overjoyed...
i tried all that i can try, camera was superb (they taught me how to use it for optimum experience), video recording was good, sound and music on my existing headset was great, though loudspeaker's so-so, screen was brilliant (thumbs up for BRAVIA), touch experience was smooth and lagging only occured a few swipes after power-on, browsing was fast and easy (and they even installed the latest flash player for me right then and there), the pre-installed videos were extraordinary (and so were the ones i threw at it), calls were loud and clear (but still would depend on the network carrier), typing was fast and easy (specially on landscape mode), games played smoothly (they installed and let me try tekken, plus of course those that i downloaded from the play store-subway surf, temple run 1 and 2, fruit ninja, angry birds, you name it).

i was a happy customer...

after 2 days, i must say battery's no issue for me (they helped me install .55 as they recommended, my phone lasted 2.5 days with moderate usage), heating was normal (a degree higher than body temperature).

i haven't tried water resistivity though, but i'll get to that soon...

i must say that going back to Sony, after a few years with my Nokia E72, was worth it...

i highly recommend the Acro S, it's an excellent choice of a smartphone (though i would have preferred the transparent strip of the Xperia S over IP certification)... Hooray for Sony Xperias...

  • mj canto

AnonD-88548, 16 Feb 2013Acro s is best in quality design hardware and software in thi... morethanks, i got my acro s yesterday:-)

  • AnonD-88548

mj canto, 16 Feb 2013im thinking to buy this phone, is it good for gaming and sound? ... moreAcro s is best in quality design hardware and software

in this price ACRO S is Best Smart Phone.

i have it & i love it

  • mj canto

im thinking to buy this phone, is it good for gaming and sound? im replacing my xperia live with walkman with this..

  • adol

can i update this phone to v4.2(jelly bean).plz reply

  • Dremm23

After an official update my friend's Acro S is now shutting down with a message that the phone is shutting down due to temperature after some heavy usage. Too bad going back to the previous software version isn't an option. I guess this answers how difficult it is for this phone to cool down or maintain it's temperature.

  • leentek

AnonD-111012, 09 Feb 2013i also got the same problem, after charging it 100% and got it o... morehey, ive got the same problem here and im really pissed. how were you able to work this out? thanks

  • AnonD-106309

raff, 14 Feb 2013i just bought my new phone and the specs from this site is diffe... moreVisible ram is 600mb but it is said that the difference is taken by the system and is not visible to the user. Which can be true because you don't see the system consumption when checking the running apps. The internal memory is 2gb for system, but user availability is treated as sd_card which is even more, not the external SD card, but the internal one.

  • AnonD-106309

[deleted post]If you want more battery life but waterproof is not necessary, then get Xperia S. If u want waterproof feature, then get the Acro S. Nearly all other specs are the same, they are near-identical phones.

  • raff

i just bought my new phone and the specs from this site is different than what i have, its totally different my RAM is only 600mb and the internal memory is only kind of confused for this

  • ash ish

plz sum1 tel
l me hw much zoom it hav......plz tell me its urgent


plz sum1 tell me , hw much zoom it hav.......plz plz plz

  • an2my

Hi All my firmware is .50 so what happens if i upgrade it to .55? Please help..

  • AnonD-103147

AnonD-111973, 12 Feb 2013If u want to root .55 fw, you need to downgrade to .45 fw which ... moremy prox sensor is okay now, I just restarted the phone and it is working. BTW is there any other way?. do you know a procedure on how to install CWM on a locked BL for acro?.I am just wandering whats new with the .50 and .55 release. Could you tell me the improvements?.I've heard that the battery is improved. I last 1 and half day with heavy music via bluetooth and maybe around 45mins of gameplay @ level 3 brightness. Totally happy with that but maybe it can be still improved if I update to .55 that's what I am thinking.

  • RONY

monty, 12 Feb 2013Which one better s/sl/acro s?sony acro s is another best mobile set in sony company. high speed 3d, 13 mp camera, water and dust prof, stylish + high quality function. so try it and stay with in sony xperia mobile.thanks.

  • AnonD-111765

sheikhu, 12 Feb 2013can we do multitasking on sony xperia acro s ... ??yes you can do multitasking

  • AnonD-111765

monty, 12 Feb 2013Which one better s/sl/acro s?surely Acro S

  • AnonD-102044

I have Acro S

Best Android Phone

The hardware material is made of superior quality

Classy Phone

IP57 certified - dust and water resistant
Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine

The result will be:
You have an EXCELLENT mobile phone

  • ibu

one person review xperia acro s(the acro s RAM is not totally 1GB, it is 650mb)its true or not.the acro s users please suggest me because i buy this next month.