Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

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  • Dennis
  • XGX
  • 18 May 2019

odilon, 17 May 2019hey I use this version of sony xperia ultra xa1 but this mo... moreDownload the pc suite and try to repair the software from there.

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    • odilon
    • rse
    • 17 May 2019

    hey I use this version of sony xperia ultra xa1 but this morning it turned off its self and stopped working. whats wrong. and it was almost full charged. I tried even to connect it into the charger but till it shows nothing, what can I do?

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      • Clinton
      • fre
      • 17 May 2019

      I like this phone

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        • Zeus2104
        • X$r
        • 10 May 2019

        Total waste of money. Gpu is shit and battery back up is hardly 15 hours.i have to charge it twice daily and though it has USB type c it takes about 2 hour 35-45 minutes to be fully charged. Look is good, build quality is solid, looks premium, feels premium but I will not recommend anyone to have this one... 😒😒

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          • Anonymous
          • u7Z
          • 23 Apr 2019

          I bought my Sony xperia xa1 ultra six months ago. In april 2019, my phone charging status showed slow when i charged it. Sometimes it shows Good, but mostly Slow. I operate with Security application, but mostly it showed Slow. I changed the charging cord, but not Good. Does i need to change the battery or to go service room?

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            • Anonymous
            • nmx
            • 04 Apr 2019

            Richard, 18 Mar 2019If you can still get one, especially if discounted, go for ... moreJust what I needed to hear. I'm looking into this phone particularly for its XZ-like design. Good to know it's a reliable phone too with a good build. Thanks fam.

              • R
              • Richard
              • Ye4
              • 18 Mar 2019

              If you can still get one, especially if discounted, go for it. Had mine since release and it was a bargain. Can easily compete with many high-end phones. Also very sturdy build. A genuine good phone from Sony.

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                • Shawn
                • x7v
                • 10 Mar 2019

                Honestly... Im satisfied with this phone... In terms of daily basis.. you know.. social media thing.. call & text .. taking video .. photos.. for budget phone.. im cool about this phone!... I like everything about this phone.. "ALMOST"!!!.. Untill then... I found out.. messed up .. everything what i liked about this phone.. f*** .. i really never thought... F*** .. GPU: Mali-T880MP2 ... I ddn't know.. this f**king.. gpu.. very low performance ... For gaming.... Specially PUBG... Waste of money.. i bought this phone...

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                  • Ash123
                  • 2I8
                  • 11 Feb 2019

                  When will have android pie update?

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                    • ML
                    • 0Yv
                    • 04 Feb 2019

                    JOSE, 10 Jan 2019TOUCH SCREEN ISSUES BEWARE... . had this phone for 2 mont... moreI agree. I sent it back and got a replacement.

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                      • Skiya
                      • fjS
                      • 03 Feb 2019

                      It's probably a virus, that happens with every phone infected and sometimes anti-virus software cannot pick it up...

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                        • jack
                        • a4{
                        • 13 Jan 2019

                        Muzamil Kirmani, 06 Nov 2018Using this phone since 1 year.Very nice mobile, stylish des... morePlz friends I need your help here now plz I luck my phone with password & travel for pass 2 month now now I forgot my password plz can some tell me a special clod to open it plz or how to flash it by my self plz

                          • J
                          • JOSE
                          • uSW
                          • 10 Jan 2019

                          TOUCH SCREEN ISSUES BEWARE...
                          had this phone for 2 months now and there are always random "ghost touches" primarily on the top part. It's not just me, just google the issue and they will pop up. I was so happy yet so sad and disappointed to get this phone

                            • C
                            • CherzZy
                            • fwq
                            • 16 Dec 2018

                            This phone became my true love when I bought it a year ans a half ago. To my extreme disappointment the phone refuses to charge and is shut down completely. However it has been a wonderful 1,5 years with it, I just wish it wasn't so short-lived. Sony-user peers around me seem to have experienced the same thing with their Sonies.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • S7x
                              • 15 Dec 2018

                              I am using this phone for over a year now... And it had minor bugs but they were rare, i can't complain about the phone really, desing is so great, the camera is awesome on both mods, ram is very good and i was able to play various games on this phone, the ram did great job. Memory is good enough, sound is clear, touch never bugged but the best thing about it was the camera really i loved it and i was able to take some awesome pics thrue the year, they look like pro pics for real. I can only complain about battery... It could have been better

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                                • Mohhos69
                                • mE0
                                • 11 Dec 2018

                                This device damaged my SD card function. Now it does not show SD card in my phone. Sd card still in my phone.

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                                  • Beth
                                  • 7Xm
                                  • 05 Dec 2018

                                  By far the worst phone i had. Bought this phone last July 2018, the updates are killers to the system. Everytime the system updates, your phone lags. It can't take the weight of the new OS. THE WORST PART IS, MY PHONE SUDDENLY SHUTS DOWN, PERMANENTLY! it has been having resets for months now but just yesterday, my phone died. hard reset doesn't work, apparently, there was a firmware issue... doesnt make sense.

                                  Camera is not that good. I had to use third party devices to get good shots. Also, if you take photos, has a lag period of 5-10 seconds before it clicks. I have so many issues to share but im too pissed to type. anyway, im getting a new phone. useless piece of equipment and a total waste of money.

                                  Plus, the phone case? if it exist, they're aweful.

                                    • M
                                    • MadMax
                                    • mcB
                                    • 21 Nov 2018

                                    Using this phone for a year,still as fast as new,oiliophobic layer on screen tho is starting to rub down,thats only bad thing I can found on it,i think good choice for midrange phone.

                                      Terrible HDR camera mode. Too saturated, terrible color accuracy
                                      I'm really disappointed with the front camera. has focusing problem too.
                                      currently using 8.0.0 (model G3226)
                                      just updated to 48.1.A.2.73, no improvement :(

                                        • E
                                        • Edz
                                        • Htx
                                        • 12 Nov 2018

                                        Updating to oreo made this phone worst, touchsreen always errors, i touch 1 character then it wrote a lot, dammed this oreo update by sony, make a solution for this,...