Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2015Z5 camera has been already reviewed by Dx0mark, and that's ... moreJust got in, thanks for info off to Google it now and read article.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2015These new Xperia,s have new camera module but no reviews on... moreZ5 camera has been already reviewed by Dx0mark, and that's the only place where we can trust. Not biased, just pure facts and testing. Half the terms they use in their reviews, is probably unknown to other websites. And in their review, Z5 has the best camera

  • Anonymous

Why no silver color from this size . very bad no silver color sony

  • Anonymous

These new Xperia,s have new camera module but no reviews online yet, await Gsm arena review see about cam plus Hi Res audio show up good in Gsm audio test.

  • Anonymous

Mir, 03 Oct 2015and ugly too.Buy a phone you like, cannot wait to get mine contract up Tuesday so 2 days to choose colour I want.

  • atb

Raz, 27 Sep 2015Why such a weak battery? I don't understand the idea of goi... moreSorry you dont have the phone i bourght my xz5c for a weeke ago and i tell you this phone has the best batterylife i have ever experience on any phone the battery endurance of xz5c is
far above average

  • AnonD-8044

muya, 02 Oct 2015Compact? being a flagship and labelled as Compact. I ... moreWith front facing waterproof stereo speakers it is a fantastic screen to body ratio.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-391800, 03 Oct 2015Benchmarks: moreBtekt bench showed Z5C scoring 65k in antutu.

  • Mir

muya, 02 Oct 2015Compact? being a flagship and labelled as Compact. I ... moreand ugly too.

  • Cheese

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2015Z3C was also all plastic :)z3 compact with corner durable transparent rubber very good looking and great for holding the phone and the same time protect the phone. You can not compare to cheap plastic from samsung phone.

  • AnonD-391800


You dont need to translate
Over 62000 on antutu, reviewer said it heats less on benchmarking than sammy S6 ;-)

  • Anonymous

zulu, 02 Oct 2015why does sony, not give a big battery, say more than 3500m... more2700mah already a big enough for 720p display with 4.6" screen size, you are so greedy and no common sense.

muya, 02 Oct 2015Compact? being a flagship and labelled as Compact. I ... moreBazels is not the only thing that makes a phone flagship material, flagships have various label sizes, iPhone 6s for example has 65%, Htc Ones also had around 65%,
Arent they flagships?
Only Lg used to focus on labels and thats why many including myself, opted for G2 and G3, pretty much the only flagships with 75%
65% is a failure, esp on phablets, if you carry a brick anyway, at least you should have a screen of equivalent proportion. Big frames have all the room they need in thrir back, so they can lower bazels and thickness.
The smaller size a phone has, the hardest it gets to lower the bazels and thickness, when having to carry the same sized 810 and 23mp camera.
There are also extra reasons that can forgive some labels, even in flagships,
Namely -stereo front speakers, -waterproofness and -hardware buttons, Z5c has 2 of 3, it also has an imbeded bumper around the mobile's frame, that protrudes a bit over and beyond the screen.
The was requested by Z3c owners who have seen their display, or backglass scratched or broke.

Flagships are marked by their top of the line Cpu, top camera and top performance, usually they are the most expensive too. Z5c has all what it takes to be a flagship, in contrary to all the other minis from other compamies, this is why it is not cheap, 810 doesnt get any cheaper when you put it on a smaller frame, on the contrary, such small confines demand the highest tech,
steambox for example, is a performer PC in very small frame and costs thrice as much, whilst the Chinese firms only make phablets nowdays, they are not able to put such specs at such a small frame.
Even Samsung, on the similarly sized galaxy A3 only has 65%, slightly smaller screen but longer and wider. It is a miracle how Sony have managed to fill all that in that size and water-resistance and 2 stereo front speakers! Only such a flagship could hold a decent 70% ratio in that size with all that, the rest are growing like crazy...

  • zulu

why does sony, not give a big battery, say more than 3500mah or so?

  • AnonD-429807

muya, 02 Oct 2015Compact? being a flagship and labelled as Compact. I ... moreThis is the first "interesting" comment I've seen for the last few weeks since the Z5 trio went out of the top 10 daily rating. I applaud your subjective way of view :D

  • AnonD-8044

Mine should be here tomorrow but could not get it through Sony store it rejected 2 of my credit cards? I phoned them and got through to automated voice and to buy a phone it said go to website so gave up.

I went into Carphone on way home and they had white dummy model in and did not like it as much as white Z3C so getting black Z5C .Did carphone have any stock? no they never do or they did but they keep them back for contracts I buy sim free,pay as you go or second hand. Ordered online next day delivery.

My goodness this is first brand new smartphone bought in ages always buy second hand.

  • AnonD-447006

Love it

  • veegee

Aspros, 02 Oct 2015Everything on Z5 is what was demanded to improve from Z3c. ... moreThank you for your comments, I too decided to buy this. In fact I ordered for the cover even before the phone is available. Means, for sure I will buy it.

Everything on Z5 is what was demanded to improve from Z3c.
-The camera soft got the most part of the flame and improved the most, its faster, more accurate colors, no more pink tink, no more overheating on AR or 4k, even better low light performance and smth to outperform the ois!
-The frozen glass back, with the plastic side bumpers is the ultimate solution, to deal with various issues like, no premium feel due to plastic back Z1c had, fingerprint magnet issue Z3c had and the pumbers are there to protect both glasses front and back, from being shattered or scratched by simply resting them on clear surfaces.
-The sound on the stereo speakers is no much more crispier without compromising waterproofness.
-The headset sound is also improved, it supports HD sound quality and better noise cancellation from the mics.
-The screen preserves the contrast rates and improve angle visibility and low battery consumption, so this is why the kept this resolution and size, 720p on 4.6inch bring exactly the optimal 320 the human can see, a bigger screen, would mean a lesser ppi, essentially a less crispier display that one can actually notice with his own eyes. Bigger resolution would be excessive and would come at the expence of overall performance and battery endurance.
-The chip and graphical chips are the best in the market, apart from the ones Apple and Samsung make for themselves only. The adreno 430 at 720p is guaranteed able to play everything easily for the coming 5 years and the 810 at 720p suffers from no overheating and can freely run without being underclocked so this little beast can outpergorm everyone.
-2gb of ram are what Google used on nexus and 5X, it is more than enough for everything that runs on 720p, more would just reduce battrry endurance for no practical perfomance gain.
-Its thickness remained the same, prolly the bumber adds 1mm and thats important because everybody these days sacrifices battery capacity for thickness, personally, i hate the trend, i would rather have it 2mm thicker and last me all day than carry a charger like every iPhone user who actually uses his phone, does... Z5c is the only compact model that upped the battery capacity!
-And the fingerprint scanner is now ready to be introduced, the first generstions was just a useless gimmick, it could not be used for payments and would mostly replace yr pin, but most of the times you had to scan and rescan, ultimately use your pin afterall, it was a waste of time slowing down the simoly process of unlocking yr phone, on Z5c,nyou simply touch and it never fails and now with Google pay, we actually will have a reason to use it!

Thats the plilosophy, no gimmicks, just essence, at this size one cannot fool around, even the slightest mm was optimized for practicality. The only drawback is that at this price level, it does not look very premium and this is were a carbon case from roxfit fills in! So there is nothing really to argue about, i was awaiting to see what nexus will come up with to replace my G3 phablet with smth more compact, that would increase in meanwhile, overall performance and battery endurance, i can only see one option really, so i am pre-ordering Z5c!

  • Anonymous

DenisXD, 01 Oct 2015it's all plastic so worries :) It clearly says here that sony dropped the usage of plastic translucent and the Z5C has a METALLIC frame, unlike the PLASTIC Z3C.