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  • Balabhim

Yes yuphoria mobiles are waste waste waste fully waste and worst I am taken yuphoria 5010 online .after 6 months my mobile touch pad not working properly so I am submitted to care centre before one month still I can't getted my mobile and I am called care centre minimum 15 times but not responding properly and company also so I want to go consumer court what your opinion friends and care reply me....

  • Sajid

I personally want to suggest everyone not to purchase any phone of YU brand because i am an existing customer and using YU phone and believe me I have wasted my money and I check on internet and got to know that I am only person , almost everyone facing lot of problem with this brand and even i go to service centre and i saw a girl was disappointed with this brand and a boy was using abuse word about purchasing of this phone and spending his hard valuable money on it. If you really having mind so do not choose this phone and believe me this company is scam , and i have registered a case against them and I would like to suggest you that if you are deciding to buy this phone then stop wasting your valuable money and if you have already purchase it then do not worry consumer court will be the best option for this company to shut it down because these kinds of company should be close ASAP and we Indian citizen earning money by spending whole day outside by doing hard work and this kind of company are scamming, so register the case against this company and as more and more cases will be register against them this company will be shut down soon only with your all contribution of my Indian citizen. I discussed it with my lawyer and he suggest me to case against this company and then spread it out so that no other innocent person will be target by this scam company to steal money. If you guys want to register the case then its very easy just you need to go to any layer and they will explain you every step against this scam and definitely this company will refund your money and also going to provide you all other expenses like legal document fees etc.

  • dipesh

Pankaj, 09 Apr 2016battery backup is not good... Camera has not stability.Camera its very good and mobile very nice

  • arun kumar

very good cameras and fast charging long battery back up i would recommend you to buy this.

  • AnonD-525689

Does it have GLOSNASS Also


  • naveen

is not comfortable battery backup

  • raman

guysss......plzzzzzzzzzz dont buy any phone of this brand,,,and dont ever buy yuphoria,,,poor and no coustmer service...dont waste your money on this phone...here is a mail i have just sent to yuphoria support....my phone screen got white and they made me fool for 2 months..i have submitted my phone in their service center,,and after 2 months they gave my phone back even in more worst condition.. bad bad bad service..infect no service...please dont buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

otg support ?

  • Raman

What a Wonder ful Phone if you wanna it just order and buy.................................Good for family.....
I Work on it for 1 Hour and battery only extend down by Just 8%........by using Du battery saver saver behind and i was running 4G (LTE) GSMArena the Best WEBSITE GIVES BEST DETAILS....

  • suman

very worst warranty support by YU centures

  • Anonymous

Worst warranty Service.always showing system update as bug inbuilt service.

  • Ajeet

This phone doesn't support front camera during video call

  • kv

very worst warranty suppot by YU ventures..

  • AnonD-524315

Just before talked to Amazon. Informed bout said issue. Amazon representative talked v. nicely and requested me to write final mail to YU . If I don't get my issue solved then Amazon will do needful to me. I appreciate it. And hope that Amazon will solve it and maintain its reputation.

  • AnonD-524295

ghg, 30 Mar 2016i dint buy this phone yet.. but 've heard abt dis phone ..it has... morethe service center of this mobile are so irresponsible ...............from 2 months they have'nt replaced my handset.........

  • alby joshy

hu said it will heat in 5 min while calling .....................

  • Pankaj

battery backup is not good...
Camera has not stability.

  • Umesh Shinde

worst company and worst customer care they even dont know how to fix software issue...i think worst customer care i had ever seen till now

  • vignesh

yuphoria always getting heat cant talk more than 5min

  • AnonD-522907

worst company and worst customer care they even dont know how to fix software issue...i think worst customer care i had ever seen till now