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  • alok gupta

Yuphoria is the best cellphone. But only two problems in this cellphone first overheating problem near front camera's area & second Rear camera picture quality not too good with flash. All features provide in cellphone very low price.

  • Suriya

The phone gets heated up if we talk for more than 3 to 5 minutes and the heat is more when we charge it. The heat hurts the user.. Sometimes the option to display dual call flickers. However the look & feel is good. The operations are faster as the RAM size is 2 GB. Disappointed that the basic phone functionality has serious heat problem which is not acceptable & defeats the purpose. Its not advisable to buy this phone even if the cost is less.

  • riya

i hv been using this device since 6 aug.At frst i was amazed to see its btry back up. it remained for almost 2 days. now the duration is awfully reduced to half a day or slightly more than that though i am not a frequent user or gamer. i dont know what will be its condition after 3 months.


pls dont buy this mobile due to heating problem. it may be lead to blast in the battery.

  • Anonymous

How about its battery back up? Is it good or not by its batery backup?? Plz sugest

  • Vivek M

Ravi , 15 Aug 2015my phone automatically shuts down when the battery level reaches... moreAlways put your phone in Power Saver mode. Disable all applications which you are not using.

  • Vivek M

shro, 16 Aug 2015Hello YU yuphoria users.. Can anyone help me to set my favorite ... moreDownload "ES Explore" from Play store, then only you can set your favorite Ringtone. you cannot set the Ringtone from the Defauly file manager or Music player.

  • k

shro, 16 Aug 2015Hello YU yuphoria users.. Can anyone help me to set my favorite ... moreMovie it to phone memory and then go to the setting and sound set ringtone.

  • srinu

why are incoming call photo to small size

  • shro

Hello YU yuphoria users.. Can anyone help me to set my favorite ring tone, ?from SD card ? Pls help if any one know its settings

  • sjs

Am using this phn for last 3 week.it is the best phone in this price range. There may be some heating problem for about 10 minutes,when using net, but then becomes steady. But it is not recommended for heavy searchers and players,as it have only 2230 mah batry

  • Anonymous

how to update this phone... pls help me...:(

  • Gaurav

Is the heating issue of this device fixed after the update given by yu

  • Vivi

bita, 13 Aug 2015Dont cancel. There is only a heating issue which is common in al... moreDont cancel Buddy ... If you will cancel this , that will be the biggest mistake in your life. Awsome product... Just 7000/- only ...

  • Vivek M

Awsome Product , Very Comfortable in size and weight. Very easy to Handle. Smooth Touch. Superb product from Micromax.

  • Chinu

The phone is not able to read any micro sim in sim slot two. Is there any solution for the same or some kind of piece defect?

  • Hari

Guys , don't buy this yuphoria phone , it is very over heat , i am really facing issues,

while call starts, it is starting heating , please don't waste your money,

Please it is very bad phone, i have vasted my 7000 , i am feeling like this

  • Aman

I had order this phone..
Is it mistake or not???

  • AnonD-428309

This phone is awesome, I am using this phone from more than two months, it looks like an high end smartphone but there is something missing in it, its processor is superb fast I had installed some games like asphalt 8, nova3, bia3 and many more. Still I m having 1gb of free ram and about camera it is a true 8mp, for those who say it is not so good they don't know how to take images, CyanogenMod is truly awesome but with some glitches which will be fixed by an update. So in my choice this is more than awesome.

  • Krunal

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2015do not buy this phone service is very hopeless. within month usi... moreYou r right buddy, i m using this phone and same problem coming from last 4 months.. Anyone will shock after hearing that yusupport changed my phone 3 times and after everytime phone comes my main speaker fails within a week or two.... Dont know what to do now.