Sony's Q2 2018 results are in - smartphone sales drop to 2 million

31 July 2018
Sony sees more than a 41% decline in total sales in Q2 2018 compared to last year's Q2.

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Sony have the best phones and the worst marketing. Seriously, how can you fail with a masterpiece like XZ2C? Well, Sony prove it's possible.

    Feels like they are always a step behind.
    They had the same design for 10 years

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      • xIq
      • 01 Aug 2018

      Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018Yeah right lol, samsung is the king of display technology, ... moreAnd their display technology came from Universal display.

        Doc Faust, 31 Jul 2018Yes, they announce the price for their phones. Outdated d... morei disagree with you... because Sony does the best update support, samsung not, and always way behind... sony has changed their design, better than samsung, sony price was the same like note 8 , cheaper than LG V30 and iPhone X on their first debut, so the $1000 became the norm for those high end smartphones, especially the level of Note or iPhone X.... so the only downside is that they don't have wide marketing strategy like samsung and apple... this is where both latter wins... the rest sony is ON TOP OF THEM!

          Nothing comes as a surprise, Sony (and Philips also)lost their soul, are run by idiots of the so called "american school"(the same that destroyed Detroit car industry), no new ideas, not leading anything anymore, dropped Vaio laptops, serious Hi-Fi, even Zeiss lenses they own, instead of using them in their own phones, gave up the rights to idiot Nokia...

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            • 31 Jul 2018

            Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018Sony won't improve its sales...... New Xperia phones introd... moreAlso it is going to over priced device.

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              • 31 Jul 2018

              Do you think it's related to their courage to drop the 3.5mm audio jack?

                Predictive memorys, 31 Jul 2018The competitors marketing is very tricky, they praising the... moreWith such a low number of sales, sony is competitor to nobody. Nobody cares to even criticize it.
                But for sony boys it's always the successful brands fault.

                  as long as they listen only the sony boys, their sales will only go down..
                  Sony should take a look at successful brands and learn from them.

                  They also make stupid decisions by themselves..

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                    • 31 Jul 2018

                    this is what sony gets for not retaining the headphone jack on xz2 & xz2 compact.

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                      • 31 Jul 2018

                      Tann Hauser, 31 Jul 2018Samsung had almost zero innovations with S9, only that shut... moreYeah right lol, samsung is the king of display technology, every brand is opting for Samsung AMOLED displays including Apple.

                      Samsungs flexible amoled displays are itself an innovation which has a lot of potential for future wearable devices

                      Samsung is also producing Industry’s First 16-Gigabit GDDR6 for graphics cards powering future gaming systems and AI applications, they also manufacture Qualcomm snapdragon 835 and 845 processors which powers almost every flagship phone, including Sony.

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                        • 31 Jul 2018

                        I really like my new xz2 compact. For 600€ i get a high spec phone, which is small enough to use on the go, holds perfectly in the hand, and is engineerd to last. Oh, and I got the wh 1000xm2 headphone with it..... BEST WALKMAN EVER!!!! Thank you Sony.

                          If only these loud mouthed Sony fans actually translated in sales for the company, but I guess it isn't working out maybe because of the removal of headphone jack and the unwanted ambient flow design!

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                            • 31 Jul 2018

                            Only Huawei will benefit from 5G

                              The competitors marketing is very tricky, they praising their own product and critic Sony just want to overrated their product and underrated Sony products. And they will hide their shortcoming and repeat mention Sony shortcomings from all points.

                                Avro Deep, 31 Jul 2018Sony mobiles are affected by poor quality and design that m... moreI don't find any brand will come with a metal plate in side the smartphone, so your critic is a big lies.

                                  regs, 31 Jul 2018Main reasons are the phones themselves. Both XZ2 Compact an... moreAnd you guys call yourselves expert in smartphones.. XZ2 is both ip65 and ip68. Meaning more water resistant than every other major smartphone!

                                  And you call yourselves smart.. pfff and doesn't even know the specs.

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                                    • 31 Jul 2018

                                    Sony won't improve its sales...... New Xperia phones introduced in an event in January, 2018, are yet to be lauched in India. (not launched till July 31, 2018). Who will buy outdated phones when launched.

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                                      • 31 Jul 2018

                                      The days of Sony mobile division are counted.

                                        Bobby, 31 Jul 2018because 999 dollars for Sony phone?! that is why sony sh... moreSamsung had almost zero innovations with S9, only that shutter nonsense and just adding already existing feats. Same will be with Note, only added bt musicplayer functionality to that pen and maybe dual speaker added.
                                        That are minute innovations at best.
                                        It has heavy marketing budget tho.
                                        But even that didnt help them to sell S9, sales of which are underwhelming.
                                        Meanwhile Sony brought numerous innovations in the last year, new X Reality SDR-HDR upscale features, new Camera 10bitHDR, DSV, now even a second Aube dedicated camera ISP along with the one from XZ2, for extra lowlight video.
                                        But some decisions like ditching the jack, removing industry discerning side fp scanner and monolithic design language, and still going on with almost no marketing...extremely stupid.
                                        Didnt gain any new, only lost great part of the fanbase.