Sony's phone shipments fell by 55% in Q2 2019

02 August 2019
The company's smartphone business just keeps sinking deeper.

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  • Anonymous

I was Sony fan but now I will buy any phone I like. I don't talk about cheap phones from lost or failed brands. Other than that any decent phone will do all tasks gladly.

Sony is wrong. The only way to gain market share is to provide value. Something they are not doing. Sony will never move high end units. They need to price aggressively like Xiaomi or Realme if they want to ever come back. There are a lot of people that still like Sony, but at their prices there are usually more compelling products.

Sony is destined to die. They prefer experiments rather than focus on two-three good quality phones, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 (bezel-less naturally) - then with their (proven in the past) quality, they could challenge other brands, including Apple. Unfortunately, it looks like image sensor business is more important for them than good quality smartphone.

  • Dumbbell

For most people it seems like 3.5mm headphone jack & expandable memory is so important things to them.
Me: I don't care. I can live without them.

i told you, sony. 21:9 screen ratio is ridiculous. now your sales number is ridiculous as well

six_tymes, 02 Aug 2019Everyone's sales fell, and continue to fall. That and so much co... moreSamsung's sales were up by around 5 million units in the last quarter, to 76.6 million.

Brandon, 02 Aug 2019I got tired of waiting for the Xperia 1 and picked up another ph... moreThe only comment that provided a real fact that has a major role in this subject between all these bunch of experts comments.

  • The Deacon

That left a hole

  • Anonymous

No compact = no buy

  • six_tymes

Everyone's sales fell, and continue to fall. That and so much competition.

  • sm4rt4ss

yuka, 02 Aug 2019Xperia 2 compact with a 5.7" screen ; lol S10e is 5.8" and is considered compact by todays standards. Whether you like it or not, the bar for compact phobes has been set higher.

yuka, 02 Aug 2019Here, owner of Z3C, Z5C, XZ1C and XZ2C (the worst of them). ... moreI owned several Sony flagship smartphones in the past like Z1, Z5C, X Performance. Never had a feeling that those are true flagships and always horrified with camera quality. Completely agree with Xperia 1. See no point to have 4k screen on smartphones especially with less than 4000mAh battery. 21:9 aspect ration looks weird rather than exciting. Had high hopes about Sony Alpha team camera system but it appeared to be average quality one. All these and other issues with it certainly stopped me even thinking about wasting $1k on that phone. Feel sorry for Sony but they got what they deserve. Sad but true.

sm4rt4ss, 02 Aug 2019At IFA this year, Sony will probably reveal 3 new flagship model... moreXperia 2 compact with a 5.7" screen ; lol

  • Johnny

LOL, 02 Aug 2019Believe me, most of the more loyal Sony Xperia fanboys had alrea... moreYou are 100% right! Sony is chasing people who dont want them and screwing is loyal customers. No headphone jack is a big thing for me! But look at Sonys website for headphones you will see a big push for wireless so it probably a decision far up the ranks. The only thing Xperia 1 has is a 21-9 screen and for that I'm suppose to pay £800 upwards! Motorola has a 21-9 screen for less than £400! go figure

Here, owner of Z3C, Z5C, XZ1C and XZ2C (the worst of them).

Hasn't some Sony rep said something along the lines "we won't release compact anymore" ; so they have what they deserve.

I will buy from Sony again if they release a compact again (a true compact ..). Like the XZ1C, just less bezels, just larger screen, better camera, better battery life, 16:9 screen ratio (anything larger is ugly), headphone jack, keep the side FPS, just lighter,

They do exactly the contrary and you see the results.

Zero need of a 4K 21:9 TV remote with a 1000$ price tag. I don't watch movies.

BROKEASS TECH, 02 Aug 2019Sony, Its time to get out of the smartphone hardware game and fo... more^ This.

As much as I want Sony to succeed, they might as well exit the smartphone business. Notice Sony peaked in Q4 2014 or when the Xperia Z3 / Z3 Compact were released. I can't believe that's nearly five years ago!

Waiting on the PlayStation 5 and the one second load times. And Sony's movies. Other than that, Sony has no real use for me in other industries. I think HTC and LG should also follow suit since both used to be quite innovative and now became a me-too mobile brand.

  • LOL

Dreamrunner, 02 Aug 2019On my 4th Sony phone now (T, Z3 Compact, Z2, now on Z5) with 5 S... moreBelieve me, most of the more loyal Sony Xperia fanboys had already moved on to other brands. A lot left when XZ2 was launched. More left when the Xperia 1 didn't have a headphone jack and/or wasn't available in many countries. Some others left when the Compact phone they crave for never arrived.

Let's wait and see when and how CEO Yoshida is going to give Xperia the 'Vaio treatment'. It's a matter of 'when', not 'if'.

Such a shame... so much potential, gone to waste.

  • AJ_74

No offense, Sony Mobile execs, but an untrained monkey could run your smartphone business better.

  • Anonymous

Delic, 02 Aug 2019”The "notch hate", it's not a true hate, there are just some ve... moreSorry mate, but i disagree. People i've spoken to like the notch until i point out that it looks like a dysfunction you have to go around. Personally i think bezels are done best by Meizu and i'd upgrade to a Meizu phone if they had expandable storage and a 3.5mm jack.

On my 4th Sony phone now (T, Z3 Compact, Z2, now on Z5) with 5 SonyEricssons prior to that. Excellent devices, no complaints about them whatsoever. This being said, my Z5 will be my last Sony, as they have totally lost their plot - their flagships come with small batteries, niche screen aspect ratios, all while being priced very high. Their mid-rangers are fine in their own right, but then Huawei / Xiaomi / Honor turn up with better specs at similar or lower prices.

Basically, it's takes a complete Sony fanboy to maintain brand loyalty in light of such poor product line.