You can no longer install Google apps on the Mate 30 Pro

02 October 2019
Long story short - it's unsafe so Huawei and Google no longer allow it.

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[deleted post]I very well understood. You basically said that we can´t accuse Chinese of stealing intellectual property because 500 years ago, our ancestors did the same. What a load of BS.

[deleted post]You should learn, what "whataboutism" means. In short - it´s an argumentation foul.

  • AnoM

I think all of those who comment here, please be neutral, on the fence, instead of picking a side.
1. Intellectual Property stealing:
Let's be fair, who doesn't copying? Apple? Google? Facebook? Samsung? Huawei? All these big technology company doesn't play fair either. They just want their competitor die with various counter attack. IP stealing is one of the way. It doesn't really matter how they copy it. These big technology companies do not pay any credit for the real inventor, regardless of nation.

2. Network security concern that lead to ban of Huawei?
Who doesn't steal our information? US? China? Google? Apple? Facebook? All of them are stealing user information. Don't use internet is the safest for your personal information, because of no sharing being done.

3. Fair trade concern
Come on, do we still believe in fair? This world is just unfair. Fair for one side, meaning is unfair for another side. Because we choose side, so we speak for the side that we standing.

All in all, just pick the smartphone that you believe is the best for you, then seal the deal. I do not speak for Huawei or anything. I do not pity either one of them. It is the business, and business does means competition, war.

  • AlienKiss

Universe , 03 Oct 2019look at the absurd hate comments of Huawei. the hell is wro... moreI don't like Trumpet either. But that doesn't mean I'm a commy lover. I'm from Europe by the way.

PS This planet needs an invasion! ASAP! Looks like the majority of you people either played too many violent games, or you're just bored with peace..
Mehh.. we're too many anyway. I just hope the rest of the animals will survive.

  • Anonymous

Universe , 03 Oct 2019look at the absurd hate comments of Huawei. the hell is wro... moreThe rabid left-wingers can't impeach Trump, he didn't do anything wrong and the call transcript shows it. Besides, the math isn't there and the lefties don't have enough votes even if they tried. They know they can't beat him in 2020, that's why they're pulling another desperate move. The American people sees right through this charade. Trump will be re-elected because look at who's he running up against lol. A corrupted former VP and a bunch of crazy socialists. The Dems can't beat him, the Washington establishment can't beat him, the globalists can't beat him, the rich can't beat him, the social elitists can't beat him. He really is the Teflon Don lol.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Lol so it was a machine that was meant to fly, but it never flew long enough to be considered a true flying machine. Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I didn't even read the music part lol. Neanderthals made music too, so I guess they're the very first "inventors?" Maybe you meant physical instruments, even those predates middle eastern times by tens of thousands of years. I bet if I dug a little deeper I'd find plenty of evidence that refutes the rest of your list... ehh, maybe later.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]And I'm pretty sure the Ayrabs didn't invent some of the things you listed. Flying machine? You mean the airplane? We both know the American-born Wright Brothers were the first to invent it.

[deleted post]Whataboutism at its finest. Nice try tho.

  • Universe

look at the absurd hate comments of Huawei. the hell is wrong with people nowadays. just like Trumpy. "Whoway"? lmaoo who's who? Hope Donald Trumpy will get impeached ASAP LMAOO..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You know you've lost the argument and are really desperate when you have to go way back in history in order to defend present illegal activities. Are you still blaming the British for ruling India for so many decades? I think it's safe to say that you are lol.

  • Universe

who said the Huawei ban was lifted? lmaoo look at mate 30 pro can we install gg play in it? banning is still present until Trumpy gets his retirement thats the time for ban lift.

  • Anonymous

PhoneTech, 03 Oct 2019I don't think so . apple google facebook will start fightin... moreCompeting = Fighting? Kay. Nice wishful thinking though.

  • Anonymous

abigfanoftechs, 03 Oct 2019That's business. When profits are affected then companies t... moreAnd why does China have those high tariffs? It's because of unfair trade policies and practices like stealing other non-Chinese companies IP, currency manipulation, banning and heavily taxing foreign companies, forcing them to "share" their IP, etc. Donald Trump said "you're fired!" to the whole damn country and it's beautiful. If they want to make a fair and reciprocal deal they can, but they won't because they're Red China.

  • Anonymous

I did not know there was an app to sideload them, I've literally seen people download google play store apk, install it, and use it just fine, lmfao, so what's the importance of this again?

Cry us a river Huawei apologists.

  • xxspamxx

jxariz, 03 Oct 2019When Google sees that it loses 25% of sales it will call Tr... moreDo your research first. how can google lose 25% of the market share? Huawei only holds 12% of all the Android sales. It's either you're bad at math or you're just pulling that number out of your ass.

  • Anonymous

Dessert, 03 Oct 2019For all the haters of Huawei, Just wait and watch when thei... morelol

Why u all crying about guluu gluluu services and aps? u don't need it u will have it on your laptop stop moaning and whining...
scrApple ipone users laughing at you ... do they need guuluu gluluu ? NO so ? STOP making big booom from it .. my ghh can't believe how these disgusting USA companies making its ppl slaves mostly but apple and rest of the world but china .. phone is NOT for FKIN google sht H? but for phone calls and SMS originally !

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2019You should change your name to "The Oblivious" lmao. The U.... moreI don't think so . apple google facebook will start fighting each other and destroy themselves