Apple iPhone 12 Pro's bill of materials comes up to $406

25 November 2020
South Korean components take up the largest share of the new iPhones.

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JamoaSoe, 25 Nov 2020LOL! Someone mistook Exynos for A14. 🤣 Next time try using... moreApple is actually using A14 Exynos Edition chipset in their new iPhones.

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The gross profit margin seems quite low to me, given all the R&D effort involved in developing the iPhone hardware and software,

[deleted post]LOL! Someone mistook Exynos for A14. 🤣
Next time try using an iPhone in person and then generate your precious opinion.

90 bucks for a modem! Daaaammmmnn

Licensing Fees... Goddamnit!

Boggy-Stefy, 25 Nov 2020A business shouldn't be opened solely with the purpose... more” If they think they are so good at what they are doing, why don't they give other companies the possibility to make phones with IOS?”

They aren’t good, they are great at what they are doing, that’s why they can compete against whole phone market alone and winning it. It could have gone really differently years ago when Android started to gain marketshare. But they got too greedy with it and didn’t care it at all they were just looking how it’s growing without limits or rules.

Because they don’t want uncontrolled fragmented mess what Android is? :D Android is ruined and can’t be fixed, it got too big too fast without any control and we see the results. Sametime Apple is getting bigger and bigger and is still very controlled and everything goes really smooth and people keep buying their products over and over again and Apple ecosystem running really strong.

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Most countries do not have 5G yet and the most expensive component in an iPhone is the 5G modem.

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Wily2020, 25 Nov 2020They are not greedy, they are just running business. Clearl... moreA business shouldn't be opened solely with the purpose of making money. Of course, that is necessary too. But, the most important thing are the clients/customers.
Apple forgot that along the way and they just become greedy. Because they saw it is possible.
If they think they are so good at what they are doing, why don't they give other companies the possibility to make phones with IOS? Because is easier to create your own prices and guidelines when you have a monopoly.

Boggy-Stefy, 25 Nov 2020The only thing Apple is permitted this, is because they wer... more” Huawei was beginning to be the same”

Never wondered why? Because they went GLOBAL with their phones!

You know it cost a LOT of money to do that, oh well clearly you don’t.

We will see exact same thing with other Chinese companies if they want to do same scale business like Huawei does. Xiaomi is next, they clearly becoming very big. I also saw their first TV ad ever yesterday. So clearly they are also doing advertising now when Huawei is out of picture. Chinese companies normally doesn’t put money on advertising, they also doesn’t have global phone launches because they don’t have money to do that. They only advertise in social media because it’s free. When Huawei started to become very big they did a whole lot of TV advertising with big celebrities, same time their phone prices also went up because it was impossible to keep those way too low prices. In the end their high end phones cost around same what LG, Samsung, Apple and so on. Now the same is happening for Xiaomi and yes for oneplus too. And you think it’s greedy? :D really do some research boy!

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Wily2020, 25 Nov 2020You can’t really compare Chinese phones prices with compani... moreDon't blame China, they are only supplying the demand....maybe other companies should learn from China and be less greedy

  • Boggy-Stefy

The only thing Apple is permitted this, is because they were somewhat the first ones and because their alone with their OS. And they built up this loyal fanbase that will probably buy just about anything Apple will sell, at any price.
And yes, Samsung is the same. Huawei was beginning to be the same, but happened what it happened. To some extent One Plus is the same now.
But, for sure the most greedy of all is Apple. The problem is they know what they are doing and they are doing it without a remorse.

Boggy-Stefy, 25 Nov 2020Samsung is the same greedy type company like Apple. They are not greedy, they are just running business. Clearly you don’t because you sound really silly. Based on your comments all of us should start to making phones or any products really because only what you need is to buy parts and the device magically flyes to shellfs without any extra cost :) maybe you should do some research and check what everything you need before you can have worldwide product in stores?

FRAND tech from US is $90. If it had been Chinese corporation doing this USA would cry like baby for charging more. Now Qualcomm can milk the globe with Chinese tech 5G ban

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Anonymous, 25 Nov 2020Do u know that no one I know have an iPhone that has worked... moreMy mom used 5 years and I use for 2 years with stable speed performance ! Did you buy new phone or second one ??? Stop spoil more if you are Samsung users

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Anonymous, 25 Nov 2020What about the OS software and the people developing it?? W... moreTrue, but so any other company that makes smartphones.
If all companies will follow Apple guidelines, no phone will cost less than 500EUR.

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Wily2020, 25 Nov 2020Sounds right, Samsung S20 ultra parts cost $530 and the end... moreSamsung is the same greedy type company like Apple.

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Jake Glenn, 25 Nov 2020People complaining about the iphone's price which too ... moreHonestly all phones now-a-days are expensive except the Chinese phones with the spyware in them.

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2020It's well known that Apple's product has hughest ... moreIt’s not more than what for example Samsung has, Note 20 ultra component cost is $468 and the price is $1299. It’s more than what 12 Pro Max cost.

Chinese companies are different story, they run business very differently. For all the old big Android companies profits are around same.

You can add the whole world to it , to justify the price . But if you will read your own comment carefully you will feel stupid. If they were really investing all that money , how would they become biggest company?
Every company does rnd . On more and different kinds of smartphones. And cost of software development?? Really??
Even $100 smartphones get 2 updates . They dont even earn $20 billion on app store every year.
I could go on and on. But if you are smart you will get it.

Wily2020, 25 Nov 2020You propably mean those Chinese companies so here's th... moreTell it Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo.