Google accidentally reveals Pixel 5a camera details and samples

24 April 2021
Oops, Google did it again.

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There are no accidents...

Mrboss, 24 Apr 2021Hdr+ is now behind apples smart hdr, and other chinese phon... moreGoogle and Apple are going in a different approach from other companies. They are trying to replicate true DSLR photo quality, and professional DSLR cameras also overexpose highlights.

[deleted post]So you trust Facebook instead to take care of the sales of your data. Got it

ithehappy, 24 Apr 2021Still the best HDR algorithm. Takes pants off of everyone e... moreIndeed, one of the best algorithms that are being hindered by an essentially 5 years old hardware. It's hilarious that many other phones with ported Gcam produces substantially better photos than any Pixels that Google has released so far because of their larger sensor area.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021Sony periscope uses a 1/2.9" , not 1/2". The 1/... moreIt's 64% larger, not 100%. Also, if you're using a massive 1/1.1 inch sensor for the main camera, the bump will become so large that you can probably fit a larger sensor than 1/2 inch for the periscope camera without increasing its thickness even further.

TheLastOracle, 24 Apr 2021Google needs to seriously improve its camera hardware. Pixe... more"also surprised that google hadn't worked on the CFA to improve detail and sharpness"
You mean like going with Quad Bayer? While that would work nicely with Google's stacking algorithms, Google has been making it very clear in a last couple of years that they want to stick to inferiour hardware to prove how great their software image processing is (which is a really stupid move IMO).

TheLastOracle, 24 Apr 2021Please stop the shrill chinese propaganda. Like, immediately. So if you compare Pixel to Chinese phones in camera performance and say the latter(s) are overall superiour, it'll be a Chinese propaganda? Please stop this kind of political BS, like immediately.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021Loool I think you never seen a google pixel in your life I've seen hundreds of samples already, including those from a few Pixel owners around me.. so I know what I'm talking about.

Mi 11 ultra's camera is s#it compared to this imo, heck Mi 11U is worse that S21U

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Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021No? Galaxy A52 5G has SD750. It costs more than $400.... moreIn Europe the price has fallen greatly. 400$ is too much. Poco F3 and Redmi 10 series has put a lot of pressure on Samsung.
Initially 400$ was there 4g variant.

they accidentally put 765G instead of 780...

ithehappy, 24 Apr 2021Still the best HDR algorithm. Takes pants off of everyone e... moreIt is far from the best. It lacks dynamic range. At extreme conditions, highlights are blown out, while shadows are crushed. Sgadlws especially are super noisy. Hdr+ takes a long time to shoot at night. Night sight takes 5 - 6 seconds, which even huawei could do at auto mod3 at only 1/4 seconds. Night mode is an bad move by Googlle and Apple. It totally destroys thebuser experience.

Why there are so many Sony hater in the pixel section. They seriously need some iphone to keep them out from gsmarena.🤣

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No one reveals accidentally, everyone reveals upcoming phones specification intentionally to creat hype.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2021there are much more loving to sony here, especially the com... morei know it is a google article, it got brought up somewhere. A lot of the sony bashers tend to be anonymous

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SuuperBaka, 24 Apr 2021Do you not see the amount of Sony hate here? There is more ... morethere are much more loving to sony here, especially the comments on every single post about them, ever.

all i see is verified accounts with a lot of upvotes there and there defending them and asking where the sony haters at.

oh and by the way, this is a google article, though.

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SuuperBaka, 24 Apr 2021Look at Sony's new periscope. It's got 105mm whil... moreSony periscope uses a 1/2.9" , not 1/2".
The 1/2" is almost 100% larger than 1/2.9".

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Annually scheduled "accident"

[deleted post]All they do is bash Sony but if the company ever left the smartphone market you'll see them crying just like they did when LG left. Complete hypocrisy lol.

Anonymous, 24 Apr 20211/2" is too big to be used at 75-80mm. This is why S... moreLook at Sony's new periscope. It's got 105mm while keeping the camera bump small.