US Government bans investment in Huawei and 58 other Chinese companies

04 June 2021
The new executive order goes into effect starting August 2.

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ae86, 04 Jun 2021We are aware of that. I don't really take side between... moreAgreed. 100%.

It was Japan, now is China... I thing by now we already know that China is not a pushover like Japan. The question is what will happen to US when the Asians start to stick to each other... Or even when all Chinese phone makers start to dump Android?

I can only laugh this is becoming ridiculous, the West just can't stand the fact that China is becoming the global superpower in tech, finance, military and infrastructure development. What happens when they run out of sanctions? Will they dare to attack China? It will be too late because they've created the enemy they can't face...

  • chill

... and they don't get it.. openness is the future !! Probably Will never get it

Its always amusing how US block other companies because some speculated spying when their own companies, like Google, Microsoft and Facebook gather more user data, including GPS locations, what they buy and when, when they sleep, when they drive, what medicine they take, what message they send and sell all those informations to others without a problem

I really encourage people to just check router logs and see what is send and when... I would rather send my IP/HWID to chinese company rather than send my WAY more personal data to facebook... Life is not Black and white, every company is grey, and Chinese companies even under their cra##y government just try to push their products as everyone else and they can do it cheaper because whole chinese industry is just better prepared to do that, and for most of time they do it better(had few US made products... trash, pure trash).

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2021The world economy Revolves around the USA so you need to r... moreBut at this point US is losing it, and it's too late for them to change anything.

"serious human rights abuse constitute unusual and extraordinary threats, which have their source in whole or substantial part outside the United States, to the national security"

US UK lead global 44+ spy eyes not serious human rights abuse constitute unusual and extraordinary threats,? US lead wars killing people world wide not serious human rights abuse constitute unusual and extraordinary threats ???

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2021The world economy Revolves around the USA so you need to r... moreBTW Apple and Samsung are also losing their customers to Chinese brands. There are more people using Chinese products (incl. phones) than other brands. I'm talking collectively, so don't bother mentioning individual numbers.

I'm not even Chinese, but I'm happy to see the end of US monopolies.

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2021The world economy Revolves around the USA so you need to r... moreUS economy is falling fast ever since Biden took office. You need to get on with the times.

Also, The companies which are shifting their offices from China are moving to other Asian countries (India, Korea, etc). US is truly becoming irrelevant.

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Whackcar, 04 Jun 2021Bye bye USA. You're irrelevant at this point. The whol... moreThe world economy
Revolves around the USA so you need to re-evaluate what’s irrelevant. Apple and Samsung are already moving there factories out of China

Bye bye USA. You're irrelevant at this point. The whole world has shifted to using Asian hardware & technology. So keep licking your sour grapes.

[deleted post]These allegations against Huawei goes back decades, Trump just made it official.

The T-Mo thing
CFO Meng thing
Huawei network alleged backdoors
Huawei alleged closeness with the CCP

And more is not all made up, you know.

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[deleted post]I don't want iPhones to be made in China. Lower their population to atleast 300 million so production can move out immediately.

  • kek

[deleted post]I'm not saying Google and other American corporations are good, and I do agree that everyone should control both China & America corporations.

  • kek

Nice, finally Biden does something good

  • Anonymous

Rip huawei

  • Anonymous

I hope Huawei can come up with their own 3nm chips like they promised just like the Harmony OS.

  • Anonymous

if harmony OS getting well on features & market share, then what can US do ?! Huawei is the best & its not like Nokia WinPhone, hp palm, samsung tizen , BB & same other US friends companies that are a loser

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Anonymous, 04 Jun 2021Should be like this . Good move baiden They don't do it for you, they do it for those billionaires who can loose their privileges and power. If is about you or general public then you'll have a fair legislation and safe/good quality products. But from what I see, j&j has to pay billions because they caused deaths and illnesses to kids because they used asbestos on their products even if it was forbidden.
Reality is " that they don't care about us " as MJ said it years back, but their butts and money.