Weekly poll: if you could get a Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro or 12S Ultra, would you?

10 July 2022
The Ultra will be exclusive for China - but if you can buy one, do you think this is the best phone for your money? What about the revamped 12S and 12S Pro?

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Everyone says you have to import like they forget there's always a double launch.

    I would only get the 12S for my wife as she wants a phone compostable to her Mate 20 Pro in terms of size but with better battery life.

    None of these phones are for me because photography doesn't even crack my top 6 of most important features in the flagships I like and, according to it, Xiaomi misses out on some of them (no headphone jack, no microSD card, and not enough bands to function substantially enough in the US).

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      • 10 Jul 2022

      Xiaomi isn't that bad but their software support and MIUI is awful.

        I bought 9 Xiaomi phones between 2018 and 2020. I always loved the hardware, but MIUI is just not my cup of tea. They make a lot of changes to the basic behavior of Android and there are no global toggles for you to just make it function normally. So if you can reverse it, you have to make the change for each app INDIVIDUALLY. The main problems are lock screen notifications are not default, notifications are not default for every app, over aggressive power management and lock screen notifications disappear after unlocking your phone once. The last problem requires root, an Xposed module and app to fix. The other 3 all have to be changed individually for each app. I think in recent versions they made a way to change some settings in bulk, but when you install a new app after that you still have to change that as a one off. Whenever I could find a stable AOSP ROM for my MIUI phones I would use them. Otherwise they stayed in the box until I ended up selling most of them late last year. I only still have the Mi 8 SE, Mi A2 and Redmi Note 7 Pro.

          Anonymous, 10 Jul 2022They did it, apparently it failed, it will never happen aga... moreThe Mi A series was not a flagship series. Also, it didn't fail. Xiaomi deliberately killed it. The Mi A1, Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite all were extremely well received. Xiaomi did botch a few updates. I was personally a victim. However... This series only dropped in popularity when Xiaomi released the Mi A3 with a 720p pentile display. There were rumors that Xiaomi was going to kill the series even before that, but instead they just made a really crappy 3rd installment and priced it at a premium for a 720p phone (if we don't count Apple). So of course that would fail. Xiaomi's claim was they don't make any money on Android One phones. Which is probably true.

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            • 10 Jul 2022

            Will all these sevice released to global soon?

              YUKI93, 10 Jul 2022I'd like to try out the 12S Ultra for myself. I'd... moreCheck out Ben's Gadget Reviews and the MKBHD videos on youtube. The camera looks legit. If this thing had Pixel's computational photography... 💦

                P C M, 10 Jul 2022I haven't seen any reviews yet. But seeing the camera... moreIt's $600 in China so there is a zero percent chance of that. Price depends on where you live but this is about $50 more than the Xiaomi 12 at launch so you could check the launch price of the Xiaomi 12 in your region and add about $50 to that. For example the Xiaomi 12 launched in Europe for €800 (it was even €50 higher in Germany) so the 12s would be slightly more than if it launched. I think it's very unlikely they will launch it though as the Xiaomi 12 already didn't sell well at that price

                  And another problem of import a 12S Ultra from China:

                  Some 4G and 5G Network are not compatible in Europe

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                    • 10 Jul 2022

                    What I dislike about midrange phone from xiaomi is side fingerprint. Are you joking me Xiaomi, this is $300-$400 phone however good or fast the fingerprint is the side fingerprint is a cheap technology. And the 2nd is OIS. I rather buy phone with IPS screen and OIS that's why I bought realme gt neo 3. Before, I really want to buy that Mi 10t pro or Mi 11t pro..

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                      • 10 Jul 2022

                      miui is too much for me

                        Amirul Syafiq, 10 Jul 2022Did mee 10 pro get monthly update like Samsung does 🤭Apparently, in his bot dreams.

                        I think the guy is mistaking the monthly updates Samsung are sending to users with the daily updates chiPhones are sending to Beijing. 🤔

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                          • 10 Jul 2022

                          future samsung s series ultra phones will come with 4/3" type sensor, as samsung acquired corephotonics image sensor company

                            HStark, 10 Jul 2022Are you joking? My Mi 10 Pro consistently get updates faste... moreDid mee 10 pro get monthly update like Samsung does 🤭

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                              • 10 Jul 2022

                              Stock Android, 10 Jul 2022Xiaomi should come up with a stock Android flagship. Their monetization model does not play well with the stock experience. It would be a dream and I would absolutely purchase one at release date -- but that's nothing other than a dream. No way.

                                The biggest problem I see is that if you import it from China to Europe, if it has a later failure, the guarantee in Europe is not covered.

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                                  • 10 Jul 2022

                                  I would, but only *IF* there was *official* 3rd-party LineageOS for those phones. From there onwards it was sure to get top-quality proper software in all flavors (not just LOS). It is a pain when people mistake good support for those random unofficial ROMs that are hit and miss. Don't even get me started on the Xiaomeme software, it is by far the reason I do not buy their stuff until I am absolutely sure that I can replace it.

                                    My next phone will be: 1.one I can buy locally, 2.with a jack (and of course the best camera). I'm not satisfied with anything right now, closest is 1IV tho. Competition in this field is non-existent.

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                                      • 10 Jul 2022

                                      travis999, 10 Jul 2022There must be a high premium price joke on these phones,Son... moreCompletely agree regarding the photographic limitations of even 'high-end'-smartphones - and became curious about that "Leica V-Lux 140 ... with proper 50x optical zoom lens + 10x digital zoom,so 60x zoom possible" you mentioned, but couldn't find it searching the web. Found various "Leica V-lux" but no "140" and none with 50x optical zoom. Does it really exist? Perhaps something was misspelled?
                                      Could you post a link?

                                        I want a black Xiaomi 12S Ultra with 12/256 RAM/Storage, Google Play Services and a European charger plug.

                                        But ... I don't still understand why cannot buy it in Europe !!! 😥 😥