Apple A16 predictions: 15% faster CPU, 25-30% faster GPU, new LPDDR5 RAM support

25 July 2022
Apple is expected to use the N4P node from TSMC, which will offer only minor improvements. 

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Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022You are living in the past. Samsung is improved even midran... moreYeah, well, the past annoyed me so much I tried something different (iPhone) and experienced the absolute opposite of garbage software support I had on Android phones. Also people always throw Samsung as example of "Android". Meanwhile everyone else is terrible at it, everyone just uses Samsung as an excuse to defend Android. The state of software support with everyone but Samsung is horrible. Even Google itself is rather sad. Especially when I initially thought they'll give 5 years of full and security updates just to find out it's still just 3 major OS updates and 2 extra years of security updates only. It's a start, but frankly, for a first party vendor, it's really bad when Apple gives 5 full years of OS updates and 2-3 extra years of security updates only. There is basically no scenario where you even run out of support unless you really hold on to phone till its final breath.

And the whole weeks long seeding is absolute nightmare to deal with on any Android phone, even Google does this! There is no such thing with iOS. If I see news about iOS 15.7 this moment, I can say for a fact that if I go and check for updates now, it would be there. Where on all Androids, I've seen news about new update and no matter how persistently I was checking for updates manually, just nothing showed up. Then after 2-3 weeks after some already received it, I got it. It was absolutely ridiculous. What are they releasing updates through a squeeky 56k modem or something? Apple just rolls it full on to everyone on same day and it's just amazing.

    Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022You are living in the past. Samsung is improved even midran... moreSamsung is almost only Android company who started to offering longer updates and now you act like every Android company does that 🤦🏻‍♂️ It’s funny when everytime i’ve seen this same defend they mention Samsung, which we all know didn’t offer long support before.

    But good to see Android companies finally starting to not screwing their users over and over again just so they can sell you new phone. Because let’s face it, it’s only reason why Android companies gives short OS upgrade support, they need to sell new phones because they don’t have ecosystem like Apple to make money with current users, your phone could perfectly handle new OS but Android companies don’t want you to keep your old phone.

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      • 26 Jul 2022

      DaFink, 26 Jul 2022Well duhhh, that was kind of my point genius!!! Mobile g... moreThat's exactly the kind of misconception that everyone has about mobile gaming. They don't take it seriously, instead they think of it as some sort of a kids way of having fun on a phone and thus they associate gaming with only games like Candy Crush, Tetris and snake etc.

      There are several high quality games on mobile these days, pubg and genshin impact, COD etc. Ever heard of those ? There are full on world tournament held now on mobile platforms. There are gaming phones, and such.

      Mark my words, mobile gaming is the future. All the disbelievers will one day accept this

        TheLastOracle, 26 Jul 2022The numbers on apple devices are so exaggerated, one would ... moreI don't agree with that.
        DISCLAIMER: I'm an android user. I have meddled with iOS in my past.
        You need to remember that benchmarks measure the peak performance of the hardware. Especially benchmarks like Geekbench. AnTuTu is at least somewhat more realistic.
        AHEM~ anyway
        Yes. their processors are 2-3 years ahead of android and their scores are scarily high. However. MOST USERS don't get to use that power to the max. and even a midrange phone such as the galaxy A52 would suit Most of the needs.
        Some would know what they are doing as they seek security and privacy. Not that I say Android isn't secure. From version 5 to today the security of Android got tremendously better. However in it's core. it's still AOSP. and ANYONE can get the source code and do things to the OS.
        I can't believe that I say this as an android user. but honestly? I wish android was closed source... with the benefits of windows. you still get your freedom with side-loading apps. customize your home screen however you want and more... but I wouldn't want people to just get the code and edit it in order to do malice with android phones... I want the benefits of iOS with the freedom of Android... I tried an iPhone and honestly?
        I disliked the experience. I might be a weirdo for asking to enjoy the both worlds without sacrificing something...
        I'll get to the point...
        Their numbers are NOT exaggerated. I personally think it's just because of Apple's teams... their cameras are good. but there are better.
        Monopoly is not even RELEVANT to Apple. they hold merely 17.8% of the market. everythign else is held by google with at least a thousand if not even more vendors that use android's.
        get your facts checked mate.

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          • 26 Jul 2022

          SShock, 26 Jul 2022It's not. Each has its benefits and not all have same ... moreYou are living in the past. Samsung is improved even midrangers got 4 years of updates.

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            • 26 Jul 2022

            Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022You sure? Android 12 is just like Windows 11 riddled with m... moreWhat issues do you mean? My A52 is running fine.

              The numbers on apple devices are so exaggerated, one would have thought they take better photos than medium format and shoot better video than the Alexa35. It's such gross exaggeration, the numbers, that frankly it's shameful.

              They're mildly better than midrangers, in everyday use including taking photos and videos, and in a similar ballpark to other flagships.

              Their ecosystem started off better, especially their app collection. But it's way too commercial and locked in, and eulogies the monopolistic practices way more.

                lemme guess,,,
                still 3000mah battery and 20watt charging

                  Grey Wolf, 26 Jul 202215% faster CPU and 25% faster GPU for what? Majority of mid... more” 15% faster CPU and 25% faster GPU for what?”

                  These phones do so much all the time without us understanding, for example when one takes photo so much happening in blink of an eye. For example that new bigger megapixel camera for sure will benefit from this just like the rumoured 8K video.

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                    • 26 Jul 2022

                    15% faster CPU and 25% faster GPU for what? Majority of mid-range and all flagship phones nowadays are powerful enough. You want to open Facebook app 0,02s faster? Lol.
                    If you want any productivity done just get a laptop or PC. If you want gaming just get console or gaming PC. Period.
                    These increased performance figures are good only for fanboys to brag about on internet.

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                      • 26 Jul 2022

                      Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Still newer chipset did not change the endurance. Iphon... moreCan you even read? Did you read what I have written first? Probably not, I guess.

                        Kuba, 26 Jul 2022I tried to switch to iphone 2 times but no "back gestu... more
                        I tried to switch to iphone 2 times but no "back gesture" kept me going back to Android. My god iOS is so so bad designed basically forcing you to use TWO HANDS to operate the phone.”

                        I have no idea what you are talking about, iPhone is best phone in the market for one hand use, especially when they still offer smaller compact phones like unlike anyone else. IPhone also have had back gesture for many years.

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                          • 26 Jul 2022

                          Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022Please don't do that. Android is better in all aspects... moreYou sure? Android 12 is just like Windows 11 riddled with many issues. Ios still have issues but to a less extent

                            IpsDisplay, 26 Jul 2022Alright I won't watch videos on my phone I'll jus... moreWhat a daft thing to say, but it's you though so yeah.....🤷‍♂️

                            Movies do not require special hardware to run they same way video games do, they and require zero input form the user, unlike complex video games who's control schemes in many cases were not designed for touch input. So watching a movie on a phone is simply a matter of timely convenience.

                            Mobile photography meanwhile is convenient in that it means you don't have to lug a ton of camera equipment around with you on an everyday basis, equipment that can easily outprice the phone itself.

                            To sum up, if I want to watch a quick film or tv episode on the go, I have my phone. If I want to take a few pics on the go, I have my phone. I want to play a quick simple game on the go, I have my phone.

                            If I want to play an actual video game, one that really was designed to be played using something like a console, with complex gameplay / control mechanics, and heavy graphics, then I'll do it when I get home.

                              Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022Candy Crush ? Are you actually serious ? That's not ev... moreLol, is it? It's why Candy Crush is one of most played games in recent years? I'm a full on gamer who plays AAA PC games all the time, but I hate this gatekeeping within gaming. If someone likes arcade mobile games, why not? I loved playing Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies on PC and I later played it quite a bit on phone. Candy Crush is similar to Bejeweled.

                                blue, 25 Jul 2022That's nonsense. Power consumption is not made only by... morewhat uses more power on a phone typically? SOC or the Display? (Assuming display is at 65% brightness)

                                  cyber, 25 Jul 2022non pro models will be hardly an upgrade,i🐑🐏 onlyIt will be an upgrade if you are coming from an iPhone X, XS or even 11
                                  I doubt people change mobile phone every year, specially considering the amount of hard earned cash you have to throw out on these.

                                    Anonymous, 26 Jul 2022Candy Crush ? Are you actually serious ? That's not ev... moreWell duhhh, that was kind of my point genius!!!

                                    Mobile gaming should never have gone beyond the casual, simple to play games that were only ever meant to be played here and there. instead we get the ROG, nubia red magic and blackshark etc monstrosities designed to look like something Ultron would cr*p out after a heavy night.

                                    And don't give me 'thats not even gaming' I know what modern gaming is. It's kids sitting in gaming chairs, wearing gaming headphones, drinking from gaming cups, playing on their gaming PC's, gaming laptops (using their gaming mouse and keyboards), or now gaming phones and when they are finally done for the day, they log onto to Twitch to watch someone else with all that same gaming sh!te do the exact same thing......

                                    In short they are trying way to hard and taking this stuff way to seriously. So yeah I'll pass thanks, I've grown up with videos games across 4 decades, but the moment you put the word gaming in front of anything other than 'console', I'm out!

                                      IpsDisplay, 26 Jul 2022Clearly the GPU going to waste on Facebook is something Bet... moreAnd your here because????????

                                        Leonidas, 26 Jul 2022Wtf Apple is doing with all those transistor budget? M1 is ... moreEver heard of TDP and clocks? They aren't the same between M1 and A15. M1 has way more cores that are clocked much higher. Its TDP is significantly higher (which is what gives them the headroom for higher clocks). Also M1 is based on beefed up A series Bionic chip...