Xiaomi Redmi 9 (Prime) review

27 July 2020

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  • Abdulai
  • Nu6
  • 06 Mar 2021

If you buying get the 4\64 gb version. Best battery phone. Good speaker. Solid grip. Cod and pubg hardly lags. It's the best phone you can get at the price.

    Dan, 19 Dec 2020Yup, Helio G80 is the fastest processor in this price range.Agreed. I just got one of these as a secondary phone and the Helio G80 punches above its price range. In theory it should match Snapdragon 675 which is found on more expensive phones.
    There is just no better SoC at this price

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      • Anonymous
      • yMa
      • 02 Mar 2021

      Elmer, 01 Mar 2021Maybe its because you are a simple user who can't use ... moreThere's still no better tablet OS than iPad OS/iOS. And for the price too. You can edit 4K RAW 10 bit 4:2:2, or even 8K lag free. $329. I'll stick with iOS

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          • Hunja
          • Xx9
          • 01 Mar 2021

          what motorola, 27 Jul 2020You can disable those adsHow?

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            • Elmer
            • 6wN
            • 01 Mar 2021

            Ann, 05 Feb 2021Xiaomi redmi so far is the worst phone I ever had when it c... moreMaybe its because you are a simple user who can't use the whole flexibility and power of miui(android)
            I think they already invent ios many years ago for amateurs

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              • Anonymous
              • rKe
              • 23 Feb 2021

              nice phone

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                • Ann
                • C9a
                • 05 Feb 2021

                Xiaomi redmi so far is the worst phone I ever had when it comes to external memory. Not so user friendly. Internal is eaten up ads I guess and hidden processes calibrating apps to fix your ads.

                Will not recommend it.

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                  • Ayush
                  • YTc
                  • 03 Feb 2021

                  Don't ever buy a redmi 9phone it is the worst phone and having worst staff there staff give us bad opinion for their own profit they always avert the things I have gone to repair my phone was in warranty but then also they took money from in and the problem was also not solved and they were also not returning the money that is why it is the worst company ever Redmi 9

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                    • Satyam Sharma
                    • U@8
                    • 23 Jan 2021

                    There is no earphone

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                      • Anonymous
                      • sxr
                      • 16 Jan 2021

                      Mal, 15 Jan 2021Yes108megapix is must have.. stabilization also.. quad cam.. 3ghz proc and ultimate gpu.. price must be less thenn200 und front finger.. needs ultra speaker and 500nits... Refres must be 140hz and size must be 6.9... security is ti up.. and needs low sar for high internet . . Everything is lacking in this MY PONE.. amen

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                        • Mal
                        • tet
                        • 15 Jan 2021

                        Vyzz, 04 Jan 2021Those this phone have an app drawer? Yes

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                          • Kamal
                          • gN}
                          • 09 Jan 2021

                          There should be always LED LIGHT AND FRONT FLASH AND Video stabilisation that .Makes redmi9 is good one and unique I miss these things these should be included in all phones with all other features too.

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                            • Mr Big D
                            • sxs
                            • 08 Jan 2021

                            I have this phone for 5 months now. Its excellent for the price. Widescreen camera is very useful. The macro camera is useless though, they should remove it. Battery life is good.

                            The only thing I dont like about the phone is that now that I have a lot of apps installed, it does slow down and lagg during multitasking, the processor is still not as fast as snapdragon it seems.

                            Very good for the price, would recommend. Of course the 500-1000 dollar smarrphones are better. But I just refuse to buy one of them, I just buy cheap phones and update every 1-2 years, thats my tactic.

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                              • Vyzz
                              • XBA
                              • 04 Jan 2021

                              Those this phone have an app drawer?

                                It's the best phone in price and The phone's performance is very good

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                                  • LeZeeN
                                  • Kue
                                  • 30 Dec 2020

                                  Thanks, good price, Will android 11 come to you?

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                                    • Gg
                                    • sUv
                                    • 28 Dec 2020

                                    Anonymous, 22 Dec 2020Very bad cell phone I am facing too much lag even if I open... moreYou are wrong

                                      Smooth performance. Value for money.

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                                        • Rajanmkv
                                        • YTY
                                        • 25 Dec 2020

                                        Anonymous, 22 Dec 2020Very bad cell phone I am facing too much lag even if I open... moreNo lag.smooth performance.