Xiaomi 13 Lite review

28 February 2023

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That ugly notch though 😂

    ashrobb, 01 Mar 2023Check the reviews from Golder Reviewer, you can see how all... moreMan i just Explained in previous post why Golden reviewer data shouldnt be taken serious because of Resolution. If phone run game with 480p or 540p of course it will be seen stable.

    I took these data from Golden reviewer Twitter, All these phones had sd 8+ gen 1

    -Oneplus 10T average fps 37.5
    -Galaxy Z fold 4 average fps 41
    -Galaxy Z flip average fps 33.5
    -Xiaomi 12T pro average fps 59.2

    As you can see there there is Huge difference between Xiaomi and other sd8+ users, Samsung we know they dont put much cooling but Oneplus 10T had good cooling and even Manage 87% stability in Gsmarena 3dmark test, why did it lose to Xiaomi with 54% stability test? One word Resolution.

    So take Golden reviewer test with pinch of salt.

      Hemedans, 01 Mar 2023I agree that they are Unrealistic but they gave us general ... moreCheck the reviews from Golder Reviewer, you can see how all of these are pretty stable on Genshin Impact and he almost always maxes out the graphics settings. The Xiaomi 13 models did great, even the base S23 Samsungs. Like I said, you can't really get ideas from these synthetic stress tests, no real world application pegs the SoC to the absolute 100% for such long periods of time. You would need a pretty hefty active cooling to avoid any throttle at all. Most phones can't have that luxury because they are space constrained. And even the ones who do have active cooling still struggle because the cooling is not big enough to please the people who want 100% stability after one hour in these unrealistic stress tests.

      But the chip is pretty efficient for the performance it delivers, as you can see in the battery life tests for all of these phones. That isn't the case in this particular midrange chip though, the SD7G1.

        ashrobb, 01 Mar 2023These stress tests are unrealistic scenarios though, the on... moreI agree that they are Unrealistic but they gave us general idea.

        1. Genshini These phones cheat, just recently someone gave us link here on evidence of Xiaomi cheating in Genshini. They Disguise Geekbench with genshini name and it score single core perfomance of 1000 instead of 1500 take this Evidence then add Geekerwan finding that Xiaomi flagship run Genshini impact at just 540p.


        Check there someone posted link.

        So by Throttle phone and run Games at low resolution they manage to get higher fps and low power consumption, which give you illusion that these chips use low power, they dont.

        2. S23 ultra, Red Magic 8, oneplus 11 etc all of them throttle a lot, did you see Gsmarena test? Only phone which doesnt Throttle is Xiaomi one which i suspect they do cheat, In Geekbench 6 they scored more than i9 13900k and Ryzen 7950 which is Hilarious.

        This is s23 ultra throttle to 62% of its perfomance


        Even Red Magic 8 with Active fan struggle to Cool sd 8 gen 2.

          What I find hilarious about Xiaomi is that their prices are rising, but the quality on offer is lowering. Look at this phone and it's specs, and tell me this is worth the money they are charging?
          At this price, you can easily get an older flagship, or even some of the best mid rangers from last year, and they all offer much more than this phone is offering - also, STEREO SPEAKERS.

          Xiaomi used to be the Samsung killers...

            Hemedans, 01 Mar 2023A715 is better but not that better, sd 8 gen 2 Cpu isnt eff... moreThese stress tests are unrealistic scenarios though, the only thing in the real world that stresses the SoC that hard is playing Genshin Impact for longs periods of time, and even then only phones with really bad heat dissipation suffer with that one.

            Also you claim no phone can sustain the SD 8 Gen 2 when the just recently reviewed Samsung S23 family, Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro, Oneplus 11, all of them have great battery life, surpassing the 125 hour mark in some cases, and only the base S23 models were throttling a bit hard in the unrealistic 1 hour stress test. The same models did just fine playing Genshin Impact for a prolonged time as you can see in reviews on YouTube. And I can't think of a more realistic, real world stress test than that.

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              • 01 Mar 2023

              In same price is Xiaomi 12

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                • 01 Mar 2023

                Big fail from Xiaomi. They keep getting worse and worse. Mi 11 lite 5g was the best lite they ever made. Since then it's been downhill.

                  Why can't Xiaomi offer 4k recording on their front facing cameras? 1080p, which looks fine btw, just feels behind especially when they're going toe to toe with samsung. I still believe they make the best midrangers out there but that and slow updates is what makes them lag behind on otherwise brilliant hardware.

                    Xiaomi is loosing its values rapidley

                      ashrobb, 28 Feb 2023Their designs are suboptimal but having a bad node fab only... moreA715 is better but not that better, sd 8 gen 2 Cpu isnt efficient at reasonable watts, it can use as much as 12W which no phone out there can sustain. Its Gpu where 8 gen 2 shine.

                      Same to sd 8+ gen 1 its not efficient like people think here, it use 8W+ same as 8 gen 1, if am not mistaken cortex X2 power consumption in 8 gen 1 was 4.5W and 8+ gen 1 around 4W, Tsmc node did help but it didnt make battery life much better.

                      Oem learn to throttle, the reason sd 8 gen 2 and 8+ gen 1 have better battery life is throttling, just look at Gsmarena throttling test (Ignore Xiaomi phones), Gaming phones like Asus and Red Magic, Oneplus, Realme, Vivo, Motorola etc have been throttled as much as 60% look at same brand red magic 7 vs 7s, Oneplus 10 pro vs 10T you can see 8+ gen 1 have been throttled than 8 Gen 1.

                      To further prove this look at sd 888 devices anounced in 2022,

                      This is realme Gt 2 pro

                      It has better battery life than majority of sd 8+ gen 1 devices if not all of them, why? If you check throttling test it can only sustain 68% of its perfomance in 3dmark Extreme stress test.

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                        • 01 Mar 2023

                        They really dropped the ball with this one...

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                          • 01 Mar 2023

                          Xiaomi flopped by using this processor, there is a reason nobody was using it. Made in an inefficient Samsung's process it's a battery hog. They should've waited for G2, use the regular 782G or just stick to Mediatek - Dimensity 8200 rips the competition apart.

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                            • 01 Mar 2023

                            as I expected, the chip that was built by Samsung was underwhelming.

                              this processor is a certified flop

                                Hemedans, 28 Feb 2023Sd 7G1 is dissapointment because of Cortex A710, no amount ... moreTheir designs are suboptimal but having a bad node fab only makes things worse. As the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 proved, a proper fab process can mitigate bad designs and these chips are considered quite the improvement over the SD8 Gen 1 that was made by Samsung. Also, the A715 improves over the original A710 cores, which we can see on the SD8 Gen 2, which coupled with the TSMC node have made it an all around fantastic SoC.

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                                  • 28 Feb 2023

                                  Why these guys don't include OIS on camera??? Finally Redmi note pro 12 has, now this...

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                                    • 28 Feb 2023

                                    Hemedans, 28 Feb 2023Sd 7G1 is dissapointment because of Cortex A710, no amount ... moreFunny story...
                                    - Snapdragon 780G was inferior in sustained performance but GPU wise was noticeably stronger than 778G. Even more, it was on par on 7 Gen 1, so yeah... 7 Gen 1 is 780G in everything.

                                    - Dimensity 9000 and 9200 suffers from the new ARM cores, in a similar fashion than Qualcomm, but the GPU is what both makes at least sustainable. Something that the Exynos won't have.

                                    - The Dimensity 8100 on the other side it is so balanced that despite it has not upper limit, is good enough to destroy anything Samsung has to offer, even the Exynos can fall in the sustaining performance department. Still, in raw power can't defeat the top.

                                    - The Mi 13 Lite has to use a overheating processor, and loses literally most of the features for USD 100 hike. A very bad deal.

                                    So, if you have an Snadragon 780G or 778G phone, don't go with this.

                                      Hummus , 28 Feb 2023Dayum.. People here only care about performance *sigh* Civ... moreAlmost everything else is unchanged or even downgraded from the 12 Lite, but the most obvious, glaring one would be the performance section.

                                        A.C, 28 Feb 2023Mediocre upgrade not gonna lie. Design looks great, I don&#... moreCompared to 12 Lite it might sounds like an "upgrade", but with $100 price hike (which put this onto a whole different class of rival phones), "underwhelming" is an understatement. Downgrades on battery life, performance and efficiency, removal of stereo speakers system, no notable main camera improvements (the 2x zoom even take a hit), the only saving grace might be the front camera, but that's it.