Samsung cancels all Galaxy Fold pre-orders in the US ahead of re-release

Vlad, 05 September 2019

Earlier today Samsung officially re-announced the Galaxy Fold, after having spent months fixing the issues that the original batch of reviews uncovered.

Also today, Samsung decided to cancel all Galaxy Fold pre-orders in the US. You're not reading that wrong, the company hasn't started pre-orders, it canceled them. We're talking about the pre-orders that used to be available earlier this year, following the Fold's initial announcement, before all the problems came to light.

Samsung cancels all Galaxy Fold pre-orders ahead of re-release

The company has sent people who had pre-orders an email about the move, in which it explains that it is taking some time to "rethink the entire customer experience - from purchase to unboxing, to post-purchase service", so that its customers will have "the best possible experience with this revolutionary new technology".

You can see the email in the tweet embedded above, which comes from YouTuber M. Brandon Lee, who first made this public. Luckily for the people in this situation, Samsung is throwing in a $250 credit for free to be redeemed on any product sold directly through its online store. That includes the Galaxy Fold, so in the end, if you decide to re-pre-order it, you'll get a nice discount for what is definitely one of the most expensive smartphones ever.

The Galaxy Fold hits Korea first on September 6, and then it will land in France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK on September 18. It's headed to the US "in the coming weeks" officially, with a rumored release date over there of September 27.


Reader comments

You can use that $ for anything on the Samsung store.

Childish? LOL. It's always a gamble for early adopters. They want the tech now, why wait? Also, as a niche product, Samsung will learn a lot from this initial offering, usage patterns, what to add or what works, etc.

The idea is that in 10 years from now we have tablets that can fold to the size of a phone. I'm talking full fledged tablets, not phablets like the Fold. You cannot get there unless y9uo get money to fund the research and you get the money by selling...

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