Top 20 most popular phones in 2020

Yordan, 27 December 2020

It is time to reflect on the smartphone scene as we’re sending off quite an unusual and remarkable year behind us. A lot of things happened and many of us were locked within the confinements of our own homes, having nothing but a smart device to connect to the outside world.

Thankfully, the smartphone companies kept delivering and they launched some incredible products in the past twelve months.

Top 20 most popular phones in 2020

We gathered a list of the top 20 most popular phones and half of those were manufactured by Samsung - no surprise there from the world’s biggest smartphone maker. Apple, OnePlus, and Xiaomi also contributed with flagships and midrangers.

Some takeouts from this list are the reborn iPhone SE that got to the sixth most popular phone of 2020, although the iPhone 12 Pro Max flagship got up to fifth, having been around for just over two months. Another beloved company, OnePlus, also delivered a midranger that gathered a lot of interest - the Nord.

While the phone wasn’t exactly the flagship killer we expected to see, it does have a smooth screen, excellent battery life, and all the bells and whistles you might want from a €400 smartphone.

While the smartphone world seems oversaturated, we actually have only five manufacturers in the whole Top 20 list, with four of them bringing multiple devices. We are missing phones from Huawei, Oppo, vivo although that's not for lack of attention to the brands themselves - they just release so many phones, diluting the interest somewhat.

We are also see no LG, Nokia, Motorola, and Sony phones in the Top 20 spots, reflecting on the brands' diminished sales - hopefully they'll bounce back in 2021.

Without further ado here’s the full list of the Top 20 most popular phones in 2020:


Reader comments

  • Mrwhosetheboss
  • 16 Jan 2023
  • 7kj

mi , redmi , poco is the bestt...

  • Anonymous
  • 03 Jul 2022
  • kLJ

I can't decide. I like both Apple and Samsung

  • Anonymous
  • 20 Nov 2021
  • IyR

Apple is so much better than samsung they are so much easier to get around on. They are #1 NO DOUBT

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